Goyard in light grey?!? Is this a new colour?

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  1. Can I ask for your SA? It will be my first time to buy one!
  2. I was at goyard (san francisco) last week. According to the SA, the grey came out in the US two weeks ago. This is more expensive than the typical colors.
  3. My SA left at the SF boutique; can you (or anyone) recommend a SA please?
  4. Marcela is pretty great. If you just send Goyard an email addressed to her, she's usually pretty quick to respond.
  5. Thank god I didn't buy the black St.louis yet!
  6. Christy - Sherry at Barneys on Madison is amazing. She's the Goyard specialist
  7. Thanks ladies, but I found someone in the meantime:smile: xo
  8. I also saw gray on the Goyard website.
  9. I just ordered my very first Goyard, a Saint-Louis PM from Paris. And it's in the new color grey :smile: My aunt's bringing it for me (as I live in Manila) and I'll see her on Friday!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Sooo excited!!! I hope I will be able to post a reveal (just joined tpf) and my experience ordering via email.

    Been reading a lot of threads and this place sure feels like home :love:
  10. Congrats! Can't wait to see your reveal!
  11. Thank you jessdressed :biggrin:
  12. just got the st louis gm in the new gray and i am very excited. haven't carried it yet but i can't wait. i just love how light weight it feels. i also have a goyard black and tan wallet and cosmetics case and they look great together.
    this is my first so all new territory. wish me luck-
  13. Has anyone seen this in the Marquise? Wondering if I should get it....
  14. The Marquises would be lovely in grey. I know they are on order at BG.
  15. Here's a photo I found of the Marquises from an older TPF thread
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