Goyard in light grey?!? Is this a new colour?

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  1. I live in asia and lately I've been seeing ppl carrying the goyard st Louis tote in a light grey colour - does anyone know if this is a new goyard colour or if it's a fake? It's a light grey and actually quite nice but as I've not seen this colour in the reference library or any goyard shop ( however the last time I was in a goyard shop was over 2 years ago!!!) I am slightly suspicious of the colour - does anyone know if goyard came out with a new grey colour for it's bags?
  2. I was in Tokyo last week and saw a lady wore a grey SL tote ,was wondering if it's real or not... I've never seen so many Goyard population as in Tokyo (not even in Paris) and I can tell all of them are the real deal.
  3. I saw the Voltaire in grey in France in early 2011.

    Don't know if the color I saw has become available in more styles.
  4. It's fake. I e-mailed Goyard about it after I saw a Grey Saint Louis in an Hermes boutique being carried by a lady. The only grey they had was the Goyardine Canvas used in the limited edition Voltaire.

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  5. Wow thank so much for clarifying!!! The grey st Louis totes I hv seen r light grey and I've only seen them in the st Louis style. I'm starting to see so many ppl carrying this colour that I was really beginning to wonder about it. The colour is different from the bag u posted LVuittonLuvr, it's much lighter in colour. Goyard is pretty conservative so didn't think they would suddenly come out with new colours, although they did come out Witt the limited pink one before.
  6. I was in Goyard Paris last Friday and they showed me the grey bag, this material is not the grey cloth material but the regular goyardine material but now in grey.
    They will launch this across their lines soon, however for now they have a Marquises in this material. I wasn't a fan at first but I am starting to like it now.
  7. So grey is a new colour then!!!! Thanks so much for clearing that up!!! I would fancy a grey st Louis then - will hv to see if I can get one!!!!
  8. Sure is! Though the bad news is they dont have anything in Grey at the moment apart form the Marquises Bag. However when you picture it with personalised stripes and initials its going to really Rock!They dont expect St Louis in grey for may be another 6 months :/
  9. I was at the store in Paris yesterday and saw the grey colour on the colour chart. Ask the SA and she told me it will only be available next year! and it will also only be limited pieces for it. Honestly it looks fantastic.
  10. Wow - this makes me so excited. I LOVE grey and cannot wait!!! What a perfect color to use for fall/winter.

    Thanks for the clarification!!!
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    Hi ladies...you should check Goyard's revamped site. In the personalize tab you see all the colored canvas, but you will also see the grey color is available now. :yahoo:

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  12. Oo cool!!
  13. aww... this is way too cool! ((:
  14. Hmmm...just visited the new site and read the press release from 11/15/2012. With all the new store openings, I sure hope Goyard does not turn into another LV, mass producing its products only to start slacking on quality :sad: I sure hope not to see a Goyard boutique on damn near every corner :sad:

    I still love LV nonetheless :smile:
  15. It comes out next year in may.
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