Goyard in Hongkong, possibly Singapore!

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  1. Thanks, Shawn and vang. I guess I will try to contact Goyard London. What about Paris? do they ship to Asia? The more I see the St. Louis, the more I want it and dislike the NF Damier. It's probably because the grass is greener on the other side. Things always look better when you can't have them. :shucks:
  2. Yes, both Goyard Paris and London do international shipping.
  3. hihi...

    any idea if goyard hk has opened???
  4. hi,

    Do you know when the Goyard store will open in Singapore ??

  5. does anyone know how much the hardy sac goyard pm size? in hk$?:biggrin:
  6. is goyard hk branch open already? any idea how much the hardy sac pm? in hk$?
  7. my friend is in HK right now at the Goyard shop cos she just smsed me. No idea of address or prices though, she just smsed she is IN the shop NOW.
  8. Anybody knows the telephone no. Of Goyard in Peninsula Hongkong? Thanks!
  9. just came back from HK with my first Goyard St Louis PM in navy.

    in case anyone still needs the phone number, +852 2722 0398
  10. Thanks for info rion:smile:
  11. Niceee

  12. hi rion...
    how much the st louis goyard ng hk? PM and GM size?? :smile:

  13. Im in hong kong right now, and im going to goyard tomo to get a bag! Ill let you know. :smile:
  14. is goyard singapore open now???
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