Goyard in Hongkong, possibly Singapore!

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  1. All Goyard lovers,

    Rejoice! F J Benjamin from Singapore has been issued the rights to retail Goyard in Hongkong, and possibly Singapore!

    The tentative opening date is Jan 2011 in Peninsular hotel, Hongkong. That's the same place i gotten my wife's St Louis when we were there in Aug 2008. When we got the bag, the boutique was managed by Harvey Nichols..

    Lets begin the count down and look forward to 2011!

  2. Thanks for the update, Shawn.

    This is great news for HK and for Singapore! :smile:
  3. Thank God! Will be going back to HK next January! But then Paris in February...
  4. Oooh, this is definitely good news! Just hope there won't be much of a price difference with regards to exchange rates.
  5. oh, that's awesome! Thanks for the information, I was hoping to go to HK for my next work term -- now I have that much more incentive to!
  6. Oh, hope it's going to open on the first week of January! Am planning to go to HK on end of December. Hope I can stretch our vacation till Jan. Kindly keep us updated regarding the actual date of openning. Thanks!
  7. ^ Thanks vang!

    I like the bit about 'exotic skin bags'! :biggrin:
  8. Great news! Thanks for sharing
  9. What a great news...looking fwd for it! (hope they dont mark up high)
  10. Good news! HK is nearer to home...but singapore is better!
  11. great news ! yahoooo !
  12. Thanks for posting. Meanwhile, does anyone know where I can find Goyard in Hong Kong? I am here at the moment (for a few weeks). Dying to get my hands on a St. Louis GM as a travel/diaper bag (on the edge of getting the LV NF).

  13. Hi KK,

    I suppose you will not be able to get brand new Goyard in HK for the time being.. Cos the boutique at Peninsular has ceased operation.

    Mayb u can settle for LV NF until the new boutique opens in jan 2011.

  14. It might be cheaper to order from Goyard London and have it deliver to where you are,then to buy when the HK store is open. HK used to sell St Louis GM at HKD9000+.
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