Goyard has Opened!!!

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  1. Goyard in San Francisco has now opened (just in time for the holidays). So if you live in the bay area or plan to visit dont forget about this new store. My boyfriend just called and told me it had opened, it must have been this week bc it wasnt open last week. I plan on heading over there in a few hours I will let you girls know about it. I may have to buy myself a little something- i love their luggage , very understaded elegance.
  2. Have a good time. I think Goyard is fabulous! So jealous that you get to go!
  3. My personalization should be ready next week! I bet it will be waiting for me when I get home from vacation! I wish I had to to take but I'm so excited anyway!
  4. goyard is amazing.
    this is their first full-fledged boutique in the usa, no?
    i find it kind of an odd choice that they'd pick san francisco.
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