Goyard handles coming out like clay and staining everything

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  1. I purchased my goyard st. shopping tote around 2 years ago via emailing the official goyard email. Since last year I noticed the bag handles are starting to melt,and the condition of the handles only started to get worse,to the point that I avoid wearing the shopping tote with any colour and only wear it with black. The bag handles also stained my personalized lines,and are staining anything it encounters for a long period of time. I want to find a solution for this,I haven't tried many solutions ,but I don't want to send it to Paris and was wondering if I might find another solution. I considered putting it in the fridge ,I know it sounds a bit silly,but I thought since the handle is melting,and it's a bit flexible,to be exact it's just like clay. What do you think I should do ? I really want to restore it,I haven't been wearing it after this problem occurred.
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  2. I had the same problem. I am staying in Singapore. The tropical weather here and my lack of care to store the bag properly caused the problem. I shared my mum’s proposed solution in an earlier thread - rub baby powder. It is not a long term solution but it keeps the handles dry and non sticky.
  3. Really bad and shocking
    Despite numerous cases
    Still no improvement from them
    Tsk tsk tsk
  4. I had the same problem with the thin straps of the LV Neverfull MM in dark epi leather. The glazing failed and the straps badly stained the shoulder and sleeves of three light-colored blouses which I wore at the time. I wish there were a solution for this. It sure shouldn't happen with luxury brands.
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