Goyard girls - this is to you!

  1. I've been lusting over the St. Louis Tote for almost a year now and am taking a trip to NYC in a few weeks and think I'm finally going to take the plunge! Yes, I know, I know... the SL has become somewhat passe in NY... HOWEVER, I live in TX. Goyard bags aren't even a blip on the map here! And it would make a great summer bag...

    That being said, some questions for you all: First, does anyone know how much they cost now?? The last figure I could find was just under $1000, but I'm not sure if there's been a price increase since then. Second, how do y'all feel about mongraming? I'm a sucker for a monogram, but I don't know if I want to wait 3 months to get the bag back, I can't decide if it looks cheesy, and I don't know if I want to fork over an additional $300 for some paint strokes. They are cute though! :love:

    Okay sorry for all of the questions. Hope you guys can help!
  2. Hey! I just got my St. Louis GM tote, a couple weeks back as a gift. I know my dad paid a little over $1000 (he took off the tag so I wouldnt know the price).

    I got one in black, I've been looking for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull-ish bag, but couldnt find one, the only ones ive seen were the Bottega Venetta Cabat (for 5k) and the Goyard St. Louis, so I got that instead.

    I like the monograming, but it is a lil too much for me, I just wanted a plain tote, and even the goyard print is much, but its fine.

    Well yeah I use mine with the sides cinched in with big bobby pins. I love it soo far! I'll add pics for you!

    I think this style of tote, along with like the neverfull, and cabat are the perfect types of totes for men and women.

    What color were you planning on getting? What size?
    model.JPG solo.JPG inside.JPG closeupofpin.JPG