Goyard for school

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  1. HI! I am thinking of using my Goyard St Louis GM for school. I would only be carrying: 1 5-subject notebook, 1 1.5 inch binder and and iPad Pro. Do you think that would be too much for the bag?
  2. Hi there,

    I don’t think it’s too much for the bag depending hot you organize your belongings. But I can say that the St. Louis is very large for just those three items. Keep in mind that the canvas for the St. Louis is particularly thin and light so you might have some issues with punctures especially with a binder inside a slouchy bag.
  3. Do you think if I used a felt organizer (I have one from Samorga) that it would reduce the risk of puncture?
    I know this bag is large, but I like the slouchy look! :smile:
  4. I love the Samorga Organizers! I have one for my keepall but I haven’t had one for my Goyard St. Leger, I trust that it would definitely help you from internal bag punctures but for outward punctures going into the bag it may not. Just as long as you’re not throwing your bag or rubbing it on abrasive surfaces you should be fine.
    I think that it can be durable on whatever you put it but be mindful of the weight you’ll be putting in.
    If you’re able to, inspect the bag in person.
    I mean look at the bag outside for any issues with canvas quality, as my prior Belvedere 2 in Black and Tan had an issue where it seems like a chip in the canvas happened before even wearing it. My suggestion is when you are in the boutique, to hold the bag (not exactly over your head) but to hold it up next to a light source and see the areas that seem frail. I did this on a St. Louis in PM in NYC and I can tell you that the bag had small holes but you won’t be able to see in the coated canvas part, you’d only be able to make out the areas that have a small hole or weaker parts of you look at the inner part of the non coated canvas with light against it.
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  5. Will this be your first year in college?
  6. Yes!
  7. I think you should be fine, I had a bunch of friends and peers at my university who carried the St. Louis bag with much more than what you listed. One of my friends would actually stuff her bag with clothes throughout the day and even carried a textbook occasionally in addition to a few notebooks and daily essentials. The only wear I noticed was the handles cracking, but it is a common thing so overstuffing could've contributed to it. If you're worried about the binder damaging the bag, you can get a folder and put in the notes you need for the day and some extra paper to write with. I had a habit of doing that throughout college so I didn't have to carry so much with me.
  8. I have packed both my St. Louis with WAAAY more than that. I have a PM and a GM and the GM in particular has been abused as a carry on with a laptop, iPad, books, notebooks, shoes and other stuff and no handle issues. I use it as a tennis bag all the time - the corners show signs of wear (3 years old) but I put it down on cement and clay courts, shove it under airplane seats and hang it with heavy stuff. They are tougher than people give them credit for!
  9. Congrats on your first year in college! I'm starting my first year in September. So, my only experience with using bags for school are in high school - but I hope I can help!

    I have two LV Neverfull GMs (Monogram and Damier Ebene) along with a Goyard St. Louis GM in Black Goyardine. I agree with @rlVlad in that you might have a puncture if the bag isn't treated as well as it should. I have experience with not treating bags well, high school nearly killed my first Neverfull GM Damier Ebene so I purchased a new one and promised myself (and the bag) that I would treat it better! Another thing with the St. Louis - I have a friend who uses his St. Louis GM for school/work and loads it up with a MacBook, binder, notebooks, etc. and after almost two years his handles began to crack which is a common problem with the St. Louis. Because of that, I only use mine for holding a few Louis Vuitton SLGs and a water bottle at most, maybe a little bit more if I'm traveling. If your heart is set on a St. Louis, then go for it! Just be careful, as it is a quite delicate bag due to its shortcomings. If you are still deciding, consider the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM. I love both of mine that I have, and they are great for school. The only downside is that since the handles are so thin, the more you put in the more it will hurt your shoulders. Same goes for the St. Louis as the handles are not far off.
  10. I have to chime in here as a dissenter. My St. Louis has held up horribly. In the four years that it has been in heavy rotation, the glaze on the handles has worn off, all four corners have holes, there are cracks in the body canvas where the bag naturally collapses by the base of the straps, and the green trim has worn away all around. It was within the first year that I started to notice cracks on the handles, and after that it just deteriorated. At some point around year number two or three, I noticed holes on the body and corners. Upon expressing my experience and concerns to a Goyard SA, I learned that this bag is often mistakenly overutilized by wearers who believe it compares to a Neverfull.

    To compare my 2015 St. Louis to any of my Neverfulls dating back to 2009 would be an insult to the Neverfulls. The Neverfull wears like iron, while I often debate if it’s necessary to even bring my iPad with me if I’m taking my Goyard.
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  11. Also dissenting. This bag is meant to be a beach bag - not a workhorse tote which is what it would be if you used it for school. My bag almost immediately started to have cracking handles even after very light use and while others have experienced no problems or some problems over time you can’t be guaranteed the quality of your bag. If you want something sturdier you can consider the Artois but goyard will not guarantee it will hold up. Suggest a leather bag like the ysl tote, longchamp, neverfull, or Faure le page. There are many posts here and on YouTube about the quality of the bag. With the number of people complaining, I’d stay away. Yeah it’s known as a cool bag bc not everyone seems to have it but in some places it’s even more ubiquitous then the lv. Plus their after service in my experience has been terrible.
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  12. THIS. I'd also suggest the Moynat Cabat. Look it up on the 24sevres website.
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