goyard fidji or balenciaga classic day bag?

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  1. hi girls. im in need of a hobo bag and im contemplating between these 2....your opinions please again. i recently bought a goyard st. louis pm tote in powder blue, now i want a bag worn over the shoulder. color--either red or burgundy. help! what are the pros and cons please... I know fidji has been discontinued already in paris but in the states they`re still selling. thank you!

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  2. Bal!
  3. bal
  4. may i ask why you girls prefer bal to goyard? im so new to balenciaga. :smile:
  5. bal for sure!
  6. Bal!
  7. Bal
  8. i think goyard is a little overpriced for its wares. besides, the balenciaga classic day bag is stylish, practical and better value overall.
  9. Goyard. The yellow is lovely, I think it'll wear better, and the shape is more classic.
  10. hi faith ann, im more into burgundish/reddish type of color. the goyard pic is just for comparison.
  11. Bal!
  12. i would go for the Balenciaga Day.. my reason is because i feel that my money will be well spent on a leather bag.. don't get me wrong, i love Goyard, but i just love bal more :biggrin:
  13. oh oops, i missed that part. i still like the goyard, though.
  14. I'm a Goyard and Balenciaga fan, and in this case I'd choose the Bal. I have a Bal day that is the most comfortable bag to carry...ever. I love my St. Louis's, but I don't think I'd get a fidji to replace my day.
  15. Bal