Goyard Fidji Hobo or LV Galleria PM?

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  1. Hi,
    I am currently looking for a lightweight low maintenance Hobo Bag and I am considering the Goyard Fidji Hobo bag in red and LV Mono/Damier White Galleria PM.
    Need your advice/suggestion on which would be a more practical choice in terms of value, comfort and maintenance.
    I currently own a few LV bags but no Goyard bags yet. Should I stick with LV or get the Goyard for a change?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm not familiar with Goyard, but after looking it up on Google, I have to go with the Galliera PM. The Azur (white) Galliera PM is not only beautiful, but it's quite slouchy and very soft. Thus, it's very comfortable and extremely roomy. The way the bag slouches and shapes itself when you're wearing it on the shoulder, it's so super comfortable. I love this bag immensely.
  3. Personally I would go for the Goyard. They are so beautiful and easy to care for and if you already have a few LV's why not try something new if you like it?
  4. Go Go Goyard. =)
  5. I have a red Fidji it is amazing! Best bag. Definitely go with Goyard.:tup:
  6. Goyard peels so go for Galleria.
  7. is the goyard hobo this one?
    or this one?

    honestly i like the goyard more than the galliera azur
  8. I vote for the Goyard. It's a little less common, and the Fidji is a little rocker-chic:smile:
  9. Galliera for life:heart::heart:

  10. The quality on many Goyard pieces just isn't there - I'd go for Vuitton.

  11. hi horseinstripes, goyard hobo is the 2nd picture you posted.
    hi Bextasy, for how long have you been using the red fidji? is it true that goyard peels?

  12. Hi lv_fan, No i have not had any problems with goyard peeling and i have a bunch of pieces. I think the quality is amazing!!!
  13. I own both bags...A Goyard Fidji in Green and the Mono Galliera PM. I personally prefer the Galliera as I think it takes a better shape with things inside. But this is coming from someone who doesn't carry much. If you carry quite a bit and would fill out both bags then that would be a tougher decision. I like them both but the Fidji is more original IMO. You won't see nearly as many people carrying it.
  14. seahorseinstripes, the second pic you posted is the Fidji. :tup:
  15. Goyard. I have a Fidgi and I love it. Folds up flat for travel and wipes clean, plus you can personalize it.