Goyard fans: Info on the Yona bag

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  1. Is this a practical everyday bag? Too small? Anybody who has photos are welcome too :smile:
  2. I know this thread is over three years old... But BUMP. I'm interested in the yona but haven't seen one IRL. Truth be told, I've only seen the pics of the two yonas here and would like more info from those who have seen the yona in person or who are lucky enough to own one. What are the measurements of the bag? How easy is it to use/get stuff in and out? How long is the shoulder drop? Is it possible to carry one messenger style? How do the straps hold up with use? Modeling pics would be fantastic! Thanks in advance!
  3. I have a yona, will post measurements tomorrow. The strap is too short to be worn messenger, I had a SO longer strap made. I love the bag but only with longer strap. Fits enough but not a lot.
  4. Hi S! Oh you have the yona? Fantastic. I'm finally exploring goyard and I'm liking what I've got so far. The yona just looks so easy to wear. I'm looking for something to use for weekends and trips. Can you tell me how I can so a longer strap? Is that done only through goyard or can department stores do that as well? Thanks and hope all is well at your end. Hugs.
  5. *bumpity bump*
  6. Hi again S! I think I am ready to order the yona, but only if I can get the longer strap. My SA said that she cannot order the strap from Goyard, though. Can you tell me how/where you were able to SO it? Thanks so much!
  7. Sorry J I missed this. I sent you pix :biggrin: