Goyard fans.. discontinued color

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  1. Hey ladies, I have not posted in like months. But I went to Goyard yesterday to get myself a tote and originally I was going to get basic black but then my sa pulled out the pink, which I knew they had a pink but I always thought it was a little darker, but it is actually this HOT magenta color. So the tote really stood out in the pink. I was having trouble deciding and then he told me that the pink color is discontinued, and there are no more pieces in production. So if you are interested in anything pink now is the time to get it. By the way I ended up getting the large st. louis tote, I had gone in for the medium size but it seemed to small, I am going to use the tote for school so I needed more room.
  2. I have always been interested in goyard. what are their prices like? do they sell them in the us?

  3. My large tote was 890 and then with tax 965.But the structured handbags are all priced over 1000. You can look at some of their prices on Barneys.com, go to shopping, then womens then click Goyard. The history of the company is really interesting, they are even older than LV. I bought mine at the San Francisco boutique, its the first free standing store in the US. They can also be purchased online at Barneys or at Barneys in NY.
  4. Thanks alot! i'll check it out!