Goyard Fakes??? Any Info Please

  1. i Am Starting To See A Few Goyard Items On eBay And Wonder If There Are Specific Telltales Signs Of Real Vs. Fakes? Love Them, Dying To Have One But Reallly Do Not Know What I Am Looking At. Help!
  2. Hi there Kalodie,

    Most, if not all of the Goyard bags on eBay at the moment are fakes! You will realise some of the pictures are taken from one source and the biggest tell-tale sign that these are fakies are the prices on these bags..they are way too cheap..just to give you an idea A Goyard Croisiere 45 retails at approx. USD2,250 and A St. Louis GM retails at approxUSD800.

    There has been real deals(once in a blue moon) that appeared on eBay before..and you will know because the seller will have a "buy it now" price that is usually about 20%-30% off the retails price.

    And I'm telling you, I really can't imagine anyone (in the right frame of mind) will want to part with their goyards..at least I know I won't ..;)

    Hope this helps!
  3. I'm sorry, I wish I could help! I didn't know there were fake Goyards out there too!!!
  4. Yes..just a little more on fake Goyards..it used to be really bad copies, where it's obvious that the chevron motif is printed (the surface is smooth)on the bag..but recently, I have seen updated versions..I think they manage to find people to hand paint it(!), ie. it's actually textured. However, there are still obvious (fatal tell tale ) flaws to the fakies..the smudges that looked like the artist was being careless after dotting the bag for 8 hours straight . We all know that the print on the real bag is almost perfect (this is how I justify the price on the Goyards..I feel like I'm investing in a piece of art!)

    And the other thing is the fabric used. It's kind of flimsy and crumpled and the bags (esp.St.Louis) doesn't stand up properly..
  5. THanks for your help and input. I am generally very careful with ebay purchases and tend to look for pre-owned items from smaller, private owners that are not give aways...just scored a terrific vintage Chanel caviar bag from a woman who received a new one for Christmas. Great condition and very, very real. I paid just over $400.00 for it and compared it to Chanel I own and reviewed the signs in the Designer Forums and I am convinced I scored. Thanks for your help. I aspire to Goyard...
  6. Good luck on finding that Goyard Kalodie!!!
  7. FAKE for goyard .... quantity Boyard tote for all color here for selll ... so never trust ebay .. .. only the authentic site sell authentic one .. ebay is place for selling replica from begging to end :sad: