Goyard doesn’t give tracking numbers?

  1. I ordered a personalized Artois and my SA told me that he shipped her today! (7 weeks of waiting!!) So naturally... I asked for a tracking number and was told that Goyard doesn’t give out tracking for security reasons?!? Is this real? Isn’t it less secure to not know when my bag is coming? I go to school full time... so I’m not going to be home during the day to sign!

    Has anybody received a tracking number from Goyard?
  2. How bizarre! May I ask which store you ordered your bag from?
  3. Chicago! It makes NO sense!
  4. It doesn't. I've never had a Goyard bag shipped so I'm curious to hear what others have to say.

    One thing that may help: I created a FedEx account with my address so now I receive notifications directly from FedEx, whether or not I get tracking info from the vendor. I'm assuming it's the same with UPS. Worth a shot, maybe...
  5. I suggest your call NYC or Beverly Hills to confirm.

    I had a bag shipped from Chicago years ago and, while I don't have any documentation to confirm, am almost positive they provided a tracking number.
  6. It's being shipped UPS... which surprised me as well... But I have UPS One and usually I will get an email from them giving me a heads up on the time frame that my package will be delivered. My SA said it shipped Monday and that the delivery date said Wednesday... "But it could show up Tuesday!"
  7. I think I will call. I don't know a single company that has a policy that doesn't allow to release tracking numbers to the person who is supposed to be receiving the package.
  8. Goyard boutiques will not give out tracking numbers. I have ordered from Chicago and NY. I was informed at both locations that no tracking number would be given. I too said that is ridiculous. However, I have UPS and FedEx accounts, so I receive a delivery notice email anyway. It's annoying for sure, but there are ways around it.
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  9. The weird thing is that I also have a UPS account and I haven’t received a delivery notice!

    I hope I really love this bag because it has been a pain between going back and forth through email to find out prices and personalization choices, problems with Neiman accepting my Amex (because of their 3rd party authorization company... I had to buy $2600 in Neiman gift cards), the wait (necessary but still sucks!), no tracking, more expensive than any LV I own.. and I was told you can’t pick up in store unless you order in store?!
  10. It was delivered today! And I love it. I am worried about the straps already! IMG_7140.jpg IMG_7147.jpg
  11. It’s beautiful. Please let us know how this holds up and whether you run into any handle issues. Re tracking number it’s standard practice for Goyard not to provide tracking; it’s completely idiotic. It’s like they don’t trust the customer enough to provide the number. Interestingly if you’re signed up to receive the package through ups you’ll get an email saying a package is coming your way and you’ll wind up getting the tracking number anyway.
  12. Your bag looks gorgeous. I've had my Artois >1+yr, so far no issues. By the way, I never bend my strap handles and always stored it upright.
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  13. Thank you!! I will definitely let you all know about any handle issues. Does Goyard do repairs? They just seem a little weak near the base where they attach to the bag.
  14. Good call! I usually do store all of my bags upright. My neverfull handles get folded in but they seem so much stronger than the Artois. They want to naturally fold near the base where the handles are attached to the bag. How do you get them to stay upright when storing? I usually keep the bags stuffed and in their dust bag on a shelf.

    Glad to hear you've had one with no issues! It seems like most issues are reported with the St. Louis bag but i think that is a much more common bag than the Artois.
  15. They do but they’ll charge you for t regardless of when you purchased the bag! That’s been my experience. If you got it through bergorf or Neimans perhaps they won’t make you pay.