Goyard- Does anyone have one?

  1. As with many of you, I'm always wanting something that others don't have. Goyard hasn't really made it's way to Seattle yet, but I'm totally loving the bags. I'm considering the Jeanne.

    Does anyone have a Goyard? Are you happy with it? Would you recommend buying one?

  2. I considered the line, and then I got a look at the bags and said no way. The quality flies all over the place, you get less bag for the buck than you would with someone like LV, and when Bergdorf had the line up on their website, you could see how uneven the stitching was. Hand-sewn doesn't mean a lot when it's badly done.

    Overall the iffy quality turned me off, but so did the prices. They make LV look like a super bargain, and when you compare LV's Neverfull tote with their basic tote, you have to wonder why something that simple has to cost that much. For an unlined bag, too.
  3. Don't buy it for exclusivity... If you like the design of it then get it, but for the first reason alone... you won't love it. I have the Okinawa Tote which I use seldomly because it's a very stiff bag. Nice for formal stuff, but uncomformtable (straps keep falling of my shoulder, hard to reach inside since the bag is narrow and stiff with a zipper on a stiff leather piece closing the bag). But the St. Louis would be an entirely different thing I guess... As said: if you love the design (and color) get it, otherwise don't
  4. I have the st.louis tote, the 35 croisiere, and the jeanne GM..I love everything by goyard!! great bags for everyday use. I've had my croisiere for many years already and it still looks as new as the day I bought it. I would definitely recommend buying one!
  5. I spotted the Goyard tote on a tv show. I had never seen one or heard of the designer before. I am an LV fan and carried nothing but LV until 2 weeks ago when I bought this Goyard St. Louis tote at Barneys in Boston MA. I actually ordered it over the phone and had it shipped to me. I love the bag for its design. Mine is well made, the stitching isn't crooked.

  6. I like it and everyone at my school carries one. I got it from the Barney's in New York.
  7. I am considering the Jeanne bag and LV Alma in Epi black. Anybody knows the prices of the Goyard Jeanne bag in 3 sizes? or at least the MM size. I've sent e-mail to goyard (SanFran and Hongkong) a week ago but still haven't received any reply up to now. Thanks!
  8. ^ I got my Jeanne MM January 2007 in Hong Kong The prices then: for basic colors (black, red and brown) - 10,000 HK$. Other colors - 13,000 HK$.
  9. Thanks for the info. So, the price is comparable to the LV Alma in Epi leather. Which one would you recommend in black color? Want a handbag that is classic and functional, more of an all purpose bag. The reasons why I'm not sure of the LV Alma is because I might look too old carrying it, am in my late 30's and there's a lot of people carrying LVs already. That's why I'm considering Goyard, seems fresher to me and not that commercialized yet. Are you happy with the Jeanne MM you've bought? is it worth the price even if it's just made from canvas? I'll be going to Hongkong next week and am planning to buy either of the two there. thanks again
  10. ^i'm very happy with my Jeanne, it's one of my favorite bags. it's so lightweight, easy to clean, no worries when it gets wet...worth every penny. if you like the LV Alma, i think you'll love Jeanne. I also recommend the Croisiere 35, this one i actually wanted more than the Jeanne, but it was way beyond my budget then hehe.

    Happy Goyard shopping. Oh... i'm so jealous!
  11. I have a St Louis, a card case and a wallet and all three are exceptionally well made. They look brand new even though I use them every day. They are handpainted and works of art IMO. :tup: Plus I love that I don't have to worry about them at all. I've carried my St Louis in the worst weather, travelled with it on airplanes, carry it to work every day and it still looks perfect. :woohoo:
  12. does anyone know how the white bags and wallets hold up? i want a wallet but worried it will get really dirty fast..
    same with the white st louis.....
  13. I have one St. Louis PM and I just love it. So light and I just love the color!
    003.JPG 002.JPG
  14. I got both the Croisiere 35 & the St. Louis PM from BG. I love both. Go for it.
    DSC05137.JPG DSC05138.JPG DSC05139.JPG