Goyard Croissiere 50cm -- A Question

  1. Is the Goyard 50cm Croissiere too big to carry around every day or no? Is it better used as luggage rather than as a handbag? I am 5'7" and like large bags, but I'm worried that it is too large to be practical. Any thoughts, Goyard lovers?
  2. I think it would be pretty big. I just tried on the 35 and thought it was perfect but still big enough to carry a lot. I'm 5'7 too! :smile:
  3. well, i have the 45 and i use it as an everyday bag (i even used it today!) love large bags as well...i really like when you can put a lot of things...i just remove the hard base as suggested by the SA at the Goyard store. actually it was the SA who even told me that it can be an everyday bag without me asking...and i am only 5'4"!