Goyard Croisiere...?

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  1. im currently on the lookout for an overnight bag. my heart is torn between the boeing 45 and the balenciaga giant city bag (to relieve lv carryall of its constant/3x-a-week gym duties). looking for something similar to the lv carryall in size. any thoughts??
  2. pls help.... i'm torm between a croisiere and a sac hardy a st louis gmfor my first goyard. which one should i get?
  3. I pick the croisiere. That's the one I'm preordering before our trip. I just can't decide which color.
  4. I love the croisiere
  5. i really like both, but since the croisiere and the speedy have almost identical shape i will probobly get the sac hardy now and the croisiere next. they're both beautiful. now i'm debating on which color to get.
  6. this bag is super nice, i just bought one recently
  7. How much is the croisiere 35 nowadays? I have always wanted to get one in blue.
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