Goyard Croisiere...?

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  1. I don't know if I will treasure it and keep it safe...or use it to death because i love it so much...

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    I :heart: croisiere. It's so classy ... I'd like to confirm though if the leather really peels off? Please let me know as I want to have one soon ... :cutesy:
  3. I seldom use mine. But I've had it now for more than a year. I didn't have any peeling problems. I just really take good care of it - kept in a dust bag, away from sunlight and in a very dry place.

  4. On my gawd, this is exactly what I got. Does your side buttons have logo on them?:P
  5. So, the shoulder strap is sold separately.
    What about the lock and keys? Do you need to buy them separately too? If yes, does anyone know how much?
  6. I have 3 of these bags in different colors and they have never come with a lock and key or strap.
  7. I purchased my Croisiere from GSF it came with the lock and key so did my Boeing that i purchased from BG and my Ambassade that I purchased from GSF. Strap was purchased separately from BG. laf724 you might want to inquire where you made your purchase.
  8. i just got mine on saturday from Barneys in ny and no lock and key.
  9. All 3 of mine came from bergdors. I've been wearing go yards for years before it became popular here and no locks at all. Could possibly be something new they are doing. I will
    Inquire with my sales associate today how new this lock thing is.
  10. I have confirmed with Bergdorfs that the straps are purchased seperately through the store and locks and keys are not made by goyard for these bags. If needed i was told to purchase from a luggage store.
  11. These are the 3 Goyard locks and keys that I've received with my bags so I'm not sure why they would say otherwise. I started buying Goyard as gifts for my family back in 06.

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  12. Mine were purchased before 06, i woukd say 02-04 but that is what i was told by the goyard. All my bags have silver hardware, are your locks silvertone?
  13. Damier dork, i forgot to ask if your pieces were classified as luggage pieces? I believe luggage comes with locks but i inquired about a 35 croisiere.
  14. Hi Laf724 yes they are silvertone Croisiere and Boeing are 45's that's where the disconnect is!!! Glad that's settled!:hugs:
  15. Perfect!! Funny, new luggage is next on my list and im going with black goyard. Good to know i will be locked and safe!! Hahahahaha
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