Goyard Croisiere...?

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  1. I love this bag!! how much does it cost from Barneys in NYC? thanks :smile: pics of your croisieres or any Goyards are welcome :smile:
  2. Depending on which color you choose it is $1625 for the 35cm size ;)
  3. I am aiming for a croisiere. :biggrin:
  4. I have an Argent 35, it retails for 3025 in Barneys NYC.
    The black is 1625 like AmourCouture said.
  5. ^^Would love to see pics!
  6. [​IMG]

    The inside is a bright yellow

    The shoulder strap is an extra $300.00 but so worth it - for me anyways

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  7. Can we see a pic of your argent? I saw one at Barney's BH and simply adore the colour.
  8. baileylab, your croisiere is perfect and classic!!! I also adore the photos with the beautifully fluffy feline ;)
  9. I am smitten with your croisiere and your cat.
  10. Here's my customized croisiere 35 in black:love:

  11. ^ bagsy, those colors are divine!!! So regal.
  12. omg, bagsy your bag is gorgeous!!! really nice choice of colours. baileylab love yours too. i think im getting the red croisiere:smile:
  13. ^OOOH red sounds really wonderful... vibrant and fun. What size are you thinking of getting?
  14. thanks, im thinking 35cm if i do get the croisiere...im debating between Croisiere or Le Sac Vendome. thoughts?:smile:
  15. ^Ooh, I those are two rather different styles- so I think it boils down to whether you want a more smooshy bag, or one that is more rigid and formal. I don't own either the Croisiere or the Sac Vendome, but this is just based on observation. They are both quite beautiful. I personally would pick the Croisiere, because I prefer a flexible bag. But then again, the Sac Vendome has the bits of wood, which is very special. If you can, go to a store where you can compare them- the weight, how it feels in your hand, etc.

    Best of luck!
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