Goyard Croisiere question

  1. Hi,

    I have my heart set on a Goyard Crosiere 35. Does anyone know how much the bag is (I heard non-traditional colors are more expensive - but by how much?), what colors are available and if there is a shop in NYC?

    ANy help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much :heart:
  2. HI! Great bag choice! I don't know the costs of the Crosiere...the bag prices went up last year and I just haven't gotten the new numbers down! As for colors, you can find some colors on the Goyard website (they don't have a list of ALL the bags they carry but, if you click on the women's bags and pick a bag, you can usually browse through the color list. The "base" price of the bag would include the black/black bags, the black/tan (natural) bags, and the Red bags. Any other color will cost you more...unless you are getting the St. Louis Tote...that bag is the same price regardless of color (I don't know the new price, sorry!).

    As for places to buy in NYC--Barney's has them in-store but, NOT on their website (they're not allowed to sell Goyard online at this time). If you get a chance, check 'em out. You can also call the San Francisco Boutique and ask them to send you photos of the bags. They are very helpful.

    I hope some of this info is useful!
  3. Berfgdorf Goodmans also has Goyard. I was up there in October and got my Goyard there. They had a huge selection.
    Good luck!
  4. Thanks so much for your replies!! I will definitely check out BG! Wish me luck :smile:
  5. Good luck! Keep us posted!