Goyard Croisiere 50 or LV Keepall 50 Graffitti - which one should I buy?

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  1. Hey all,

    I am about to buy a new duffel. I am debating between three bags.

    A. The GOYARD Croisiere 50 duffel
    B. Louis Vuitton 2001 (khaki green) Keepall 50 duffel (used but looks new)
    C. Louis Vuitton Keepall 50-55 w/ strap

    Which one should I get?

    A. I love Goyard, and they are less common than LV but they are expensive and quality has been debated.

    B. I really like the graffiti keepall but is it too much of a fad?

    C. The regular Keepall is the most classic but they are so common. :sad:




    PS. I am also wanting to buy the LV Carryall. I borrowed my friends to use for travel this Christmas and I Love it! But again, LV is so ubiquitous, are there any other bags out there that are similar in style and size?
  2. I like the look of the croisiere more but it feels much heavier than the keepall. I think the keepall is great, but I do tend to see a lot of fakes being carried around when I travel. I like the shape of the carryall best, which is why I bought 1 myself, however I've had it for 2 years and despite several trips it remains in my closet. I always end up choosing a different bag it seems.
    While the graffiti is cute, I do think it is more trendy than classic. If you like the look, maybe buy a monogram keepall and have it personalized at the boutique?

    You may want to lok at the Longchamp duffles - they have a few leather ones that are gorgeous and lightweight.
  3. I vote for the Goyard Croisiere. I always admire the pattern on Goyard bags and accessories and find it to be chic and classic. Also, I like Louis Vuitton but the vachetta to be harder to take care of especially for travel purposes. If you want an LV keepall I would go for the classic monogram (or damier, damier graphite) over the graffiti. But, I tend to like a more classic look versus a trendy one.
  4. My vote is the MONO LV keepall because it's more classic than the graffiti option. It just screams "well-heeled" to me. I don't own Goyard, though, and do LOVE the look of their bags.
  5. Goyard! Looks very classy.
  6. I am leaning towards the GOYARD as well. I went to look at a black one at Barneys this afternoon. Its gorgeous! The quality is actually much better than LV. The bag is VERY sturdy and retains its shape. It feels much more substantial than the keepall and I think a bit more masculine. There is also a base shaper-board at the bottom. The only thing is it cost $2300!!! Thats almost twice the price of the Keepall! :cursing:

    HMMMM..... :thinking:
  7. The Goyard is amazing. I like it the best of the three. That's a lot to pay for a duffle, though. How often and how long do you think you will use your bag?

    Otherwise, I'd go for the regular Keepall. I agree with peafleut about maybe getting it in damier, though. It's far less common and the handles will look nice longer. :tup:
  8. I would go with the Keepall with the strap. Having the strap makes a huge difference. The Graffiti piece might be a good piece to add to your collection though, since it's more unique, but obviously it's not as timeless as the regular Keepall.

  9. I currently have a Keepall 50 (no strap) and I use it whenever I travel, either by plane, train, care - whatever. So it gets good mileage. I am super careful with my bags and always store them stuffed and dust-covered when not in use.

    I would hands down go for the Goyard if it not were the price. As for the strap its nice to have, but I never used it because the bag would get all mishapened when I did. I am pretty anal about shape retention, I even made a custom base-shaper for my current Keepall.

    One weird thing - the Croisiere has D rings on the side but it doesn't come w/ a strap. :shrugs:

    So what it comes down to is - do I want to spend $900 more for the Goyard mystique and a slighty better bag or do I go for the iconic Keepall???

    In any case, I'll make up my mind by Friday. I'll post photos of my new baby. :smile:
  10. Good luck deciding. They are both very nice bags. It's so hard to choose! :sweatdrop:

    *that is weird about the Croisiere not coming with a strap...is the strap another $900? :P*