Goyard croisiere 35 question

  1. Hello everyone! I would like to ask if Goyard Croisiere 35 comes with a long strap? Or you should buy the strap separate from the bag? Thank you so so much!! =)
  2. There's a strap available for all Croisiere sizes. Goyard straps are always purchased separately and always cost extra from the base price of a bag.
  3. Agree, strap is separate, usually around 250 USD
  4. Thank you thank you so much for the info! =)
  5. I was looking at the strap last summer and decided against getting it. It was so long that the bag hung at a good length only if I wore it cross body. The way that it's designed prevented adding additional holes to shorten it.

    Also, when I tried to wear it on one should only, it slipped off really easily. But lately I've been thinking about getting it! :p

    At Barney's in Boston, the price was around $460. Yikes!
  6. There's actually 2 lengths; one is shorter for handbags and the other is longer for use with the larger Croisiere sizes, which is designed for those who want to use it as a duffle bag. If I'm not mistaken, the longer one is also wider so that it is better equipped in handling the weight. But yes, they are expensive!
  7. Thanks! That's really good to know! I'd love to get a strap!
  8. Wow that has doubled in price since I bought one 3 years ago.
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    Probably at the same time that the St. Louis went up! :shucks: