Goyard Croisere vs Boeing

  1. First post here!

    There's probably already a discussion about this, but mostly chat but no true side by side pic compare.

    Am looking for a Goyard that is similar to LV KeepAll 50 in size, i came across pictures of croisere and boeing, but can't really make out the difference visually (i.e. dimensions, asthetic, etc).

    So my question is, to all you Goyard fans, can you share pics of your Boeing and Croisere and are there other duffle options (or carry on type bags) other than these 2?

  2. Old thread but for future reference:

    Croisiere: http://ilovegoyard.blogspot.sg/search/label/Croisi%C3%A8re
    Boeing: http://ilovegoyard.blogspot.sg/search/label/Boeing