goyard coming to singapore!!

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  1. As long as it's not a St Louis, then no worries about it being too common
  2. As I travel to Paris twice a year for my spree, it makes no difference whether a Goyard store opens in Singapore or not. In fact, I think the prices will be higher than HK's prices which are already higher than Paris'. So I could well imagine that prices in Singapore would probably be 30 - 40% higher just like Prada! Last month, I sold my personal brand new Black GM to a lady at SGD1,350 who was glad she didn't buy it in HK as she would have paid more for it. I have decided to pick up a black/tan piece end next month when I get there. I am so looking forward to my Christmas shopping! :yahoo:
  3. yea for sure SG is gonna be much more exp i rather fly over to buy in paris n maybe bring back to sg to customise keke.

    I bought a 50 croisiere earlier this year but kinda should have bought something else instead as i dont use it much :/ arghhh

    hmmm i know Taipei is gonna open a store but I didnt know Shanghai opened a store too -_-
  4. I don't know what to say about this although I don't really like it. Goyard in Singapore make it too common as not many people know Goyard. Although it is nice to have access to it, the prices are still going to be inflated so I'd rather buy it in the States or Europe.
  5. Already I am seeing a lot of fakes around. Soon it may become too common for my comfort. Somehow I really appreciate its exclusivity
  6. My only worry is that once there is a GOYARD outlet in Singapore, Paris/London will not accept orders from Singapore. This is the case with COACH in USA.
  7. That will be awful!! But Paris still mails to U.S so should not be a problem?
  8. I totally agree... Somehow exclustivity makes products seem more luxurious
  9. I have a feeling it will be highly successful, probably even moreso than in Hong Kong :smile:
  10. I fully agreed with r15324......

    Singaporeans appreciate subtle yet stylish stuff...
  11. Talking about fake...... I brought my Goyard white GM to the gym (it is an awesome bag , despite all my junk, the bag is still light)

    There were two ladies behind me, talking and speculating whether am I carrying a genuine or fake Goyard.

    Oh my god..... Even real stuff was mistakenly as fakes...

    So you can imagine when the new Goyard store coming in 3Q2012, the influx of counterfeits .....

    Ps: My DD suggested that I should paste a sticker and declared that its real from Paris...:smile:
  12. hmmm easy solution will be to personalize ur bag :smile: fakes usually aren't customised
  13. I live in Perth but i am a singaporean.
    I only come to know about goyard from bagaholic boy's blog and i think purseblog (cant remember).

    However what I didnt know is Singapore has fakes too?
  14. Just when I am about to dive into Goyard and now a store will open up in Singapore. Perhaps we all want to be in that exclusive bag club. It annoys me a lot to see counterfeit products and people are using them shamelessly.

    I personally believe that this issue is not about us being snobbish. It is such a lovely feeling after buying a beautiful original bag. After years of hard work and saving, we just want to appreciate the finer things in life.

    And yet our joy is short lived when these people come along with their fake bags.

    I am sure every one of us want to be unique and stand out from the crowd. The best way to deal with not to be called a pirate bag lady is to get the personalization done on your Goyard bag(s).

    A bit more pricey but ego won't get scratched, that is guaranteed!

    Just my two cents, hope it makes sense!

    Cheers to Goyard in Singapore!
  15. Actually, there are fakes everywhere we go.
    Honestly, I am never bothered as long as I, myself, know and feel good that I am carrying a genuine label.
    If someone looks at my bag and wants to doubt it as a fake, so be it. I just console myself that this person obviously does not know the labels nor the works and thus his/her opinion doesn't warrant my time at all.
    Hope I don't come forth as being too pompous here. Just my opinion.
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