goyard coming to singapore!!

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  1. below news article from channelnewsasia. but I suspect the price will be pretty much more expensive than getting it from Paris or London.

    SINGAPORE: Singapore-listed fashion and lifestyle group F J Benjamin Holdings plans to open Goyard, a French luxury brand, at Takashimaya Shopping Centre along Orchard Road next year.

    In a filing with the Singapore Exchange, F J Benjamin said the opening of the standalone flagship store in Singapore is slated for the fourth quarter of 2013.

    This comes on the heels of the successful launch of the brand's Hong Kong store at The Peninsula in February 2011.

    F J Benjamin is the exclusive retailer for Goyard in Singapore and Hong Kong.

    The company said customers in Singapore can look forward to a full collection of trunks, bags and accessories at the store in Ngee Ann City.

    Despite the uncertain global economic outlook, F J Benjamin posted a 16 percent increase in net profit after tax to S$4.6 million for its second quarter ended 31 December 2011 due to higher revenues in key markets.

    The robust consumer spending in Singapore and Malaysia helped lift the company's revenue by 18 percent to $109.9 million, from $93.1 million in the previous year.
  2. I got this funny feeling that this would also create a flood of counterfeit Goyards in southeast Asia.
    And it made me a bit sad that more and more people here would be seen wearing Goyard, I like it more when only a few bunch of people know what Goyard is, creating that exclusivity aura. Well, we'll see.
  3. Well branded items in SG are known to be way more expensive.... I have a feeling I will still be importing from Paris =)
  4. I agree with you 100%!!!! Not looking fwd the fact people from where I'm from will have easy access to Goyard :s
  5. Was reading the newspaper today and saw that Goyard is opening it's stores Q3 next year at Takashimaya!
    To all current sg goyard owners, what are your thoughts on this? is it a good or bad thingy??
    I kinda have mix feelings on it haha.
  6. Does it sound selfish if I say I don't feel keen at all.... I've seen counterfeits at Far East Plaza already and I expect that as more and more people know about Goyard, we will see more counterfeits in the backalleys
  7. i dont think its selfish at all. I totally agree.... what i totally love abt Goyard in Singapore now is that it is a very exclusive brand....
    Only people who knows the brand knows it.
  8. I love Goyard. Been to the one in HK an it was so cool
  9. I used to have the "must buy" mentality whenever I am at Goyard in HK. Now that it is in Singapore, it is going to be commonly sighted locally. Don't like that. :sad:
  10. You got the point. I think it's not selfish at all too. If we can buy it in Singapore, we don't have to go to HK.
  11. I'm actually looking forward to it, but hopefully the prices won't be too inflated.
  12. Quite sure it will be inflated. After all, that's the case for all brands, even longchamps or simple things like swarovskis

    I kind of look forward to how the shop will be. I will pay it a visit when it arrives (holding on to a fav Goyard of course) but a part of me will probably still mourn its arrival here.. Argh how contradicting!
  13. yea i am pretty sure it will be inflated for sure! gonna go Paris next week to grab a pc or 2! I may do the same if it arrives :P visit the store with my fav!
  14. It will more ex in Sin when they launch inQ3 2013

    My. Recent purchase in Paris , paid €1040 for a white GM Goyard after vat S$1,400.

    If purchased in Sin, maybe 1800-2k
  15. This is an interesting discussion.

    Goyard having a store here in Singapore means that fans no longer need to travel to Paris or HK to satisfy their cravings. I agree that the downside of being famous and popular would be the fakes which will appear in the market. Its quite easy to spot a fake. The surface of fakes are shinier and smoother to the feel and the real ones feel ‘grainy’ due to the ‘dots’ that are hand-painted on the bags to form the famous chevron pattern by the artisan.

    I have been travelling to Goyard Paris every 6 months to procure bags for friends and clients. Personally I prefer Goyard to LV as it is more exclusive. I love their colours too. I also love their range of pet accessories. Yes! Pet carrier, collars and leashes, water bowls … etc. Being a pet lover and having a dog myself, I was drooling over their pet products but never got around to getting any. Maybe sometime in the future when I have too much money to splurge .

    Comparing the prices in HK and Paris according to current exchange rate, HK is definitely more expensive. So we could safely speculate that the prices in Singapore, when the Goyard boutique opens its doors here next year, will be higher. So you might expect to pay close to SGD2,000 for a GM (traditional colour). I was in Paris in May and bought a GM Black (SGD1,337) for myself. The same piece in Hong Kong is selling at HK$11,000. I got a friend to check out the prices there recently and I hope its correct.

    By the way, Goyard Paris assured me that their prices will not go up before 1 Jan 2013. I am not sure whether they are planning a price increase but I hope not. Regardless, think I need to pick up a wallet and passport holder next month just in case ….