~*~Goyard Chat Thread~*~

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  1. Curious how everyone uses the pouch attached to the St Louis. What do you keep in it?
  2. Thinking to get a new Goyard PM. Grey or Burgundy? I already have a black. I’m at Malaysia so whole year is summer I can see green is quite popular too but not sure I can carry green color bag or not. Thanks for all advices!
  3. Hi Everyone
    I’m new to the site...looking to purchase my first Goyard. I have a question, when i called the Miami Boutique i was told on first purchase you must do a wire transfer....have any of you experienced this?
    Thank you for any advice;)
  4. I stick receipts in there or cash on the VERY rare occasion I have any cash. I usually only carry maybe three cards plus ID, so I usually have just an LV card holder which doesn’t have any room for cash. I stash it in the pouch. I have also used it to hide the card holder and cell phone since the bag is open-topped.

    Sometimes if I’m just making a quick run, I’ll use the pouch with just the phone and the card I plan to use inside.
    It’s not a super handy pouch for me because it’s so flat, but those are the things I use it for. I see people selling them, but I get twitchy about things not being ‘complete’ and the strap still attached to the handle but not attached to anything else would bug me.
  5. Has anyone seen these before? I’ve been trying to google and nothing is coming up. Does anyone own the card holder? I was thinking it would be useful for a metro card.

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  6. Hello. Trying to purchase a rouette. Called bergdorf and was told it’s a boutique exclusive item. So I’ve been trying to call a boutique but keeps going to voice message and no one is returning my call. Anyone have a boutique SA contact info: cell or email? I’d greatly appreciate it.
  7. Hey everyone! I'm looking for an SA in Chicago or NYC to order an item. I've tried calling but I'm having a hard time getting through to someone. Any recommendations would be super helpful!

    Thanks :smile:
  8. Try Bergdorfs or Barney's in NYC. At least someone will answer the phone there. I've never had anyone answer the phone at the boutique in NY and quite frankly the in-boutique experience was off-putting.
  9. Miami boutique answers calls. They will ask you to email them. They didn’t have the bag in the color I wanted so ended up getting it through the NY boutique. But we had a bad bad ordering experience.

    If it’s a boutique item contact the boutique miami@goyard.com, newyork@goyard.com

    If it’s not a boutique item, I’d go with barneys or BG
  10. I have a question as well about boutique first time ordering wire transfer.

    I was charge $25 ship and $55 wire transfer.
    My bank charged me for the wire transfer which I was expecting BUT why did Goyard charge me an additional $55? Is there a fee for them to receive the WT?

    I’ve done a few WT but never was I charge from the receiving end. Odd
  11. I don’t use either of mine. I tried because if it comes w a bag, I wanna use it but I just can’t figure out anything for this one. On the rare occasion I have, Ive put sunglasses of readers in it.
  12. Does Goyard have just Navy Blue, and bright Blue as far as blue colors?
  13. Navy and Sky Blue are regularly in production, although they are referred to as “special colors.”

    Turquoise is a limited edition and/or custom order color.
  14. Thank you!!
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  15. I have the card holder, I use it as a bag charm most of the time but it’s been really handy for travel. I stick my ID inside then tuck it inside my St. Louis so that I have quick easy access to it when heading through security as opposed to taking my whole regular cardholder out of my bag.