~*~Goyard Chat Thread~*~

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  1. Are you sure this is a real goyard, never see this style before
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  2. That’s why I’m posting ! I dunno ‍♀️ (referring to the two listings not carousel one)
  3. it is fake.
  4. that's what I thought. I have already contacted the seller and she has agreed to give full refund once she receives the bag. She still claims its authentic, LOL
  5. Hi guys, what are regular colors vs special colors at Goyard?
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  7. You're welcome! Did you find a favorite color yet?
  8. I think I’ll just go with a classic black for my first bag! I’ve been eyeing the Artois but I also want to add stripes and my initials. Still trying to learn how everything works at Goyard tho :smile:
  9. 7C5ADC07-E1F4-43CD-B8B3-82A8B4E3CD24.jpeg I just got a new St. Louis in burgundy. I got the PM, and I am a little confused...thinking maybe I should have gotten the GM.

    I know there isn’t that big a difference...
  10. When I goy my PM, I had the same doubts. But the more I use my PM, the more I like the PM. I still want GM, but will use it for travel not everyday use. PM is a great size for every day use
  11. Thanks...I decided it is perfect!
  12. Is the official website down?
  13. I think so. I just got a “fatal error” message!
  14. It's working again, we can stop holding the breath :amuse:
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