~*~Goyard Chat Thread~*~

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  1. I’m thinking of getting the wallet that zips around- sorry don’t know the model name. I currently have LV zippy, and Goyard has a similar style. Any feedback on durability? I’ve heard the folding billfold style cracks at the crease.
  2. Hi, if anyone is interested, I was at the Singapore Store yesterday and they are well stocked in all colours.
    Amazing service also (as always).
  3. Does anyone know the current price to get a bag monogrammed? I'm looking to get a monogrammed St. Louis PM.
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  4. Hi guys! Need your opinion...should I get a Belvedere 2 PM or a Cap Vert? Looking at the black/tan colourway. I like the look of the Belvedere more but thinking the Cap Vert will be more practical and easier to use. Would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this :smile:

    goyard-goyardine-belvedere-ii-pm-messenger-bag-black-gold-00.jpg 56831cf48b7042701.jpg
  5. I personally like the Belvedere more than the Cap Vert.
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  6. Hello. I finally found the bag I wanted. Since it has been discontinued for years, I had to buy it through a reseller. There is a name plate on it with the previous owner’s name and I will need to get it changed.

    Does anyone know if this is something Goyard does or was this done by a 3rd party? Please see pic. Thanks. IMG_6093.JPG
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  7. I know almost nothing about Goyard...I don’t own any. I am interested in buying a St. Louis in green or burgundy. I would have to call and order... from a boutique or Bergdorf. Are those colors the more expensive? Where would you recommend getting it, and does anyone have a current price?

  8. I just bought a st Louis PM- it is now $1595 for special (anything other than the classics, i.e., black black or black tan combos) colors. You can reach out via email on their site first and they'll call you a day or two after. Last place that I got it from is Barney's. Before that was Bergdorf since it was across the street from my office. Hth!
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  9. I forgot to add, yes, the special colors (white, green, grey, yellow, orange, red, burgundy, navy) are more expensive by about 77% than the classic black colors, so those should be a bit over $1,200. There's a Goyard price thread you can look through, too. Someone correct me if I'm wrong!
  10. I want to purchase a burgundy St. Louis PM from the New York boutique. Is it better to email or call? If email is best, does anyone have the address? And...is there a particular SA anyone would like to share?

    Thank you!
  11. Just PM'ed you
  12. Usually special colors are approximately 30% more than black/basic.
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    Our SA said it is approximately 23%. I've made my past purchase calculations based on that, and it appears accurate, but I'll check again next time I stop by a store. Hopefully soon!
    Edit - Of course, I said 77 instead of 23 in my earlier post. Lol! Whoops. Thanks for catching that
  14. Has anyone ever heard or seen this bag before? Its similar to the LV Pochette Felicie. The seller cross listed on both Ebay and Poshmark. I originally was going to purchase through PM but we both preferred Ebay (cheaper for both of us plus I get Cash back through ******). Anyways, she said she received this bag in 2010, said the bag cost around $2000. It has an older dustbag (not yellow). She couldn't find the date code. I am posting both listings. all photos are different but its the same bag. https://www.ebay.com/itm/183706685941 and https://poshmark.com/listing/Goyard-Limited-edition-gold-chain-handbag-5ccf1fe39d3b78a4cda02cdf m_5ccf1feffe19c746799bfcd4.jpg m_5ccf1ffb248f7a73d25adff9.jpg m_5ccf20b41153ba113ed99a23.jpg m_5ccf20d0ffc2d46061da6524.jpg m_5ccf2093d1aa251cefd2388a.jpg m_5ccf21012eb33f3dc2c3da9e.jpg s-l1600-1.jpg s-l1600-3.jpg s-l1600-4.jpg s-l1600.jpg
  15. I purchased it bc there were so many watchers and it was a new listing, plus it was EXACTLY what I was looking for (almost got the LV). I paid through PP credit so I should be protected but I'm super nervous. I can't find any 2010 pics of this bag even though she said limited edition I know Goyard probably has some rare pieces that are released! Please help!