~*~Goyard Chat Thread~*~

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  1. I’m thinking of getting the wallet that zips around- sorry don’t know the model name. I currently have LV zippy, and Goyard has a similar style. Any feedback on durability? I’ve heard the folding billfold style cracks at the crease.
  2. Hi, if anyone is interested, I was at the Singapore Store yesterday and they are well stocked in all colours.
    Amazing service also (as always).
  3. Does anyone know the current price to get a bag monogrammed? I'm looking to get a monogrammed St. Louis PM.
  4. Hi guys! Need your opinion...should I get a Belvedere 2 PM or a Cap Vert? Looking at the black/tan colourway. I like the look of the Belvedere more but thinking the Cap Vert will be more practical and easier to use. Would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this :smile:

    goyard-goyardine-belvedere-ii-pm-messenger-bag-black-gold-00.jpg 56831cf48b7042701.jpg
  5. I personally like the Belvedere more than the Cap Vert.
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  6. Hello. I finally found the bag I wanted. Since it has been discontinued for years, I had to buy it through a reseller. There is a name plate on it with the previous owner’s name and I will need to get it changed.

    Does anyone know if this is something Goyard does or was this done by a 3rd party? Please see pic. Thanks. IMG_6093.JPG
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