~*~Goyard Chat Thread~*~

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  1. I have a belvedere I bought in 2016. I do baby it a little since it doesn't hold much when I am out with my kids. I have some fading on the back pocket which I thought is odd since the canvas should be coated. I am an hour away from SF so I am thinking of taking it to the store and see what they say. I will keep you posted for sure.
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  2. Thanks! That is strange, fading on canvas. You pay all this money for a bag for it only to fade. This is why I'm still not sure if I should invest in the belvedere 2. It would be my first Goyard piece. But I've been reading a lot of quality issues here.

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  4. Hi everyone!
    I’m a newbie here so please bear with me. What’s the difference between blue ciel and the light blue color on the St Louis? Thanks.
  5. Welcome to the Goyard Forum! Sky Blue is the English translation of the French color Ciel Bleu. Just a difference in language, not color. HTH! :flowers:
  6. Thanks! Definitely helpful. Hope to purchase my first Goyard.
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  7. Does anyone know the size of Meghan Markle's White St Louis Tote? Is it PM or GM? Sorry, I can't seem to upload a photo.
  8. This one is a GM:

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  9. Does anyone know the price of the Artois in pink for both PM and MM sizes?

    And did they do the pink in the belvedere too?

  10. I was recently in the SF boutique and they had the pink in all pieces
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  11. It’s interesting to hear that there are pieces left. I turned my offer down because of the mandatory monogramming in dark pink. I wonder if that was a deal breaker for other clients as well.
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  12. I am with you. The whole combination of darker pink and light pink with initials in pink too, makes the whole bag looks like bubble gum wrap! :shocked:
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  13. Hi! Anyone know how many Goyard stores are there in West coast?
  14. This information can be found on the Goyard website: