~*~Goyard Chat Thread~*~

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  1. Any ideas what size released?
  2. I agree with bagidotic. If you foresee using it, it is worth it :biggrin:
    Do go in and try!
  3. Both the Artois and St. Louis models that I saw were in pm.
    I believe it comes in other models and sizes as well.
  4. Great
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  5. It was offered in the Artois PM and MM, Monte Carlo PM, Poitier PM, Saint Louis PM ($2165 USD) and GM, and the Saigon mini and PM.
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  6. You're awesome
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  7. Yes — the announcement to discontinue the Jeanne was made in Summer 2016.
  8. Hello all!
    Anyone have measurements on the new Artois GM?
  9. Hi! Pasted this in the “Artois mod shots” threat but it’s not very active so hope it’s ok to post here :smile:

    I’m looking for a new tote and want something neutral (black) but not just another black bag. Have been eyeing the Artois MM. Those of you that have it, would you recommend? I live in Chicago so it needs to be able to withstand all types of weather. My plan is to use it as a daily work bag but I think it’s big enough to put gym stuff in too. Would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this bag! TIA :flowers:
  10. Artois doesn't come in GM, only PM and MM.
  11. I bought the Artois MM and St Louis GM a few weeks ago because I couldn't decide which one I wanted. I really liked them equally, but I can only keep one. I bought both in black/black. I decided to keep the St Louis, so I've posted my Artois in the PurseForum auction page, if anyone is interested!
  12. No, they have released Artois GM size (used as a travel bags) a few weeks ago
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  13. Hi ladies, I want to get another Goyard St Louis in PM size but I can't decide between yellow or green. I currently have gold/tan and I love it so much. Which color do you think is more practical for everyday use? Thanks.
  14. any ladies with the belvedere 2 that can report on wear and tear?