~*~Goyard Chat Thread~*~

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  1. Hi! I Did purchase my bag from the SF store :biggrin: sadly I'm waiting until Christmas to open it.... So hard. I want it now haha I'll go look for the luggage tag reply, thanks!
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  2. Does anyone have a SA (US) e-mail I can connect with? I'm looking to buy over the phone. Thanks so much!
  3. Hi everyone! I just purchased my 2nd St. Louis GM in black with black straps, my other is a white GM i bought on Trendlee in brand new condition about a year ago. Once I brought the bag home and took off the plastic on the straps I realized the edging on the straps are really sharp, makes it uncomfortable to carry, nothing like the super soft ones on my white St. Louis. I drove myself an hour back to Beverly Hills to swap it for one that didn’t have this issue or to look at a different style. I was told that because I took the plastic off the straps there was nothing they could do, and assured me they will soften overtime and that this is what the straps look like now they have changed... i’m super annoyed and was flustered and didn’t ask to look at another St. Louis to see if this was indeed true. I’m also baffled that I couldn’t really feel or look at the straps before buying the bag because of the plastic but can’t return it if there’s a defect?? Can anyone let me know if this is indeed the way the new straps feel, stiff and sharp, ( that will soften ) or if I just got a bad bag ??
  4. Hi I haven't heard anything other than from your post about them changing straps and I'm new to goyard as I just purchased my first st Louis recently. I can share though that my straps DO have what I consider sharp edges, I would describe the glazing to be a very thin layer which to me seems less likely to crack vs thick glazing.
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  6. Thank you so much for your reply! That’s exactly what my straps look like, so glad to know that it’s normal! I ended up calling another Goyard location and was told that the glazing can vary depending on what artisan made the bag. I was told again it should soften overtime :smile: I’m ready to start using it now!
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  7. Yay! Glad I could help :smile: I just got my bag at the SF boutique and have used it for a week maybe. It's very new to me, hoping it holds up well.
    I'm hoping that this new style of strap is to correct the cracking issues that the other glazing style had. If you look on say Tradsey or a re sale site at older goyard, I've noticed the handles look awful and do not wear well.
  8. does anyone have a goyard agenda/ Planner cover? Or even know what its called? Any info on size and feedback on functionality would be helpful. My friend is heading to Paris next weekend and Im sending her with my Goyard shopping list!
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  9. Hi all! I’m going to be in Paris soon which is a great time to buy Goyard. I’m looking for some type of bag for myself (man) that I can use as a day bag/around town travel type thing? I’ve seen some guys pull off the St Louis but am wondering if anyone has some good suggestions for me to seek out? Thanks in advance!
  10. hi everyone!

    has the jeanne really been discontinued?? when did this happen?
  11. Hello! I was in Monaco last week and bought a Goyard Artois MM and a St Louis GM. I will only keep one but can't decide which one to keep! I love them both! I love the zipper in the Artois and the longer strap drop. I love the slouchiness of the St Louis. Any pros and cons you could share if you have both?
  12. Has anyone heard of the limited pink bag Goyard released last week?
  13. Yes, I saw it in two models: st louis and artois.
    The main body of the bag is light pink with dark pink handles.
    Goyard makes the buyer put his/her initials on the bag (the price of the bag includes the painting of 2 or 3 initials), to prevent the bag from being resold in the open market.
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  14. Do you think it’s worth buying? There’s one on hold for me but I’m not sure.
  15. If you love pink and use pink why not
    Most importantly it must suit your style