~*~Goyard Chat Thread~*~

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  1. Hello everyone....I am obsessing over a gray Belvedere in a pm size. I tried to do a search on here, but haven’t found much info. Are they easy to find in the US? Does anyone have a good SA anywhere that they would recommend? I just don’t want to call and look like a fool if it’s impossible to find one. Thanks so much!!
  2. So I just called one of the Goyard stores and they need a bank wire...since I have not purchased from a Goyard store before. Wow, they make it really hard for you to spend money. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with that. Bummer! Belvedere might have to be put on hold for awhile :sad:
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  3. This may be a dumb question but is Goyard hand made?
  4. Any know the price of a classic color and special color in pm and mm Belvedere in USD?
  5. Is there anywhere left in the Boston area to buy Goyard in person now that Barneys doesn't carry it? Anywhere maybe at the Natick Mall?
  6. HELP!
    I really want a Goyard bag. Basically I can get one for Christmas should I choose.
    The Burgundy St Louis PM will be just under 1700USD with tax. Should I go for it?!? I'm worried about possible handle cracking but I am kind of dying to be in the Goyard club as all I have is LV/Burberry/Prada and really want something that is more unique. I love the rarity of the brand and the allure of how hard it is to acquire.
    I'm going to the San Francisco store this weekend to shop around. Anyone want to help me jump off the LV ship and onto the Goyard train?? :smile: would love some encouragement haha
  7. Why not try another bag? I'm not all that familiar with stock and prices, but I know the Artois PM in classic colors is also under $1700, and it's more unique than the St. Louis. To be honest, in NYC I see as many St Louis as I do Neverfulls. I only mention this because you say you like the unique look :smile: I have never seen anyone carrying anything besides the St Louis though! My mom uses her Artois every day and the corners are a little scuffed, but the leather on the handles is still absolutely beautiful. Whatever you buy, you're spending a lot of money on something for YOU! If you love the St Louis, that's what matters more than anything else! If you just would like a piece from Goyard, there might be a couple options! If you can stop by a Goyard store the SAs will definitely try to talk to you, but you can look around because all the prices are displayed :smile: Good luck! Can't wait to see what you get!
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  8. Thank you for that! I really like how slouchy the st. Louis is. The Artois looks much stiffer so mentally I checked it off my list but I could look in store. Isn't there a hobo style open tote with one shoulder strap ? Do you know what the name of that is? It looks slouchy too. I'll try to find it, I saw it on tradesy.
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  9. The Fidji, do you happen to know about this bags durability?
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  10. Sorry, I don't! It was discontinued before I got into Goyard. You might also want to look at the Grenadine if you haven't already! I love both those styles, but the Grenadine has leather corners which I think is part of what makes the Artois more durable than the St Louis. I think the Grenadine is also under $1700 pre-loved, but I wish Goyard still made it. I'm dying for them to release more new styles!
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  11. Have fun in SF and try on bags to see what suits youI have been in the store many times and all 3 of my St Louis totes are from there
    I also have had my black/black tote for years and have no problem with cracking anywhere
    Get what you love and you can't go wrong with a beautiful SL as there is something very special about them compared to all the LV around!!
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  12. Thanks !! I'm getting really excited to go on Sunday and am hoping I love the burgundy in person as I've only seen it online.
  13. This post is so funny ! :smile: how about storing it un-stuffed, so it gently folds in on itself for a few weeks and get a a chance to soften? Maybe set it in the sun for a little? 15 min to warm up? Good luck! I too love it slouchy!
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  14. I had been afraid about ‘heating’ them, but that DOES make sense; works on many kinds of things- thank you!!!
  15. Hi, so were you able to get your goyard bag from sf? :smile: btw, i replied to your goyard luggage tag question from the other goyard thread, and took a photo of my luggage tag for you, in case you missed it. hope you’ve found the bag and tag you love! :smile:
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