~*~Goyard Chat Thread~*~

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  1. I have some questions as well if anybody can help!

    1. Anyone have a link to a 'fit pic' of the Croisiere 50? I'm trying to get an idea of the size as it's a different shape from Keepalls, etc due to being less tall and less wide.

    2. Is there a general consensus on what heights should use what strap? There's the 114 and 136, not sure which would be most appropriate for 1,83m/6ft.

  2. Here you go:
    10007471_02.jpg GOY20630_3_enlarged.jpg

    As to shoulder strap length, it looks similar in length to the Keepall but I'm not quite sure what the actual length is shown here (I've seen a different Croisiere 50 described as having a 19.5" shoulder drop, about 49.5 cm). I suppose if you're tall, the longer strap makes sense. Of course, this is all down to preference. I'm not tall and I don't like longer straps, not because I'm short but because I don't like my bag swinging into things. Is it possible to visit a store to try it out?
  3. Ah perfect! Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the speedy response!

    I actually just created a thread regarding the strap length. Unfortunately I can't step into the store prior to purchasing :/
  4. Does anyone know where I can purchase Goyard in Barcelona/Portugal? X
  5. Is the leather trim piece found on the front of all the Boeing bags (besides the 25 trousse) just for aesthetic purposes? or is there a small pocket contained there?
  6. There is a small pocket.
  7. PARIS PRICING -- Does anyone know up to date pricing on the Goyard St Louis black on black GMs and PMs? Thank you! Much appreciated.
  8. F81E6FD0-62DB-46ED-81B1-D0700787E463.jpeg My new grey St. Louis having its first outing in NYC, back of a taxi, lol. Thx for letting me share, new to the Goyard fam but needed something different from an LV Neverfull (I do own one specifically for travel only)
  9. Will there be a new messenger bag to replace the Grand Bleu?
  10. An exe in Goyard Paris told me that a new line for men bags will be introduced in the coming months. This probably explains why Grand Bleu series and Saint Lucie were phased out.

    Disclaimer: I heard this rumor since beginning of the year and to date, still no sight of the new range....so I have reservation on the "coming months" part....:P
  11. Ahh okay, that makes sense. I don't know if I can wait that long, I really want either an Ambassade or a Boeing 45.
  12. Ambassade and Boeing are the true timeless classics! GO FOR IT!!!!
  13. I think I will for Christmas! I just want to make sure the 45 wouldn't be too bulky to carry around when it's filled.
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  14. The Ambassade PM is being discontinued so if you want one grab it quickly! The SF boutique has the only black/black one in the US currently, according to the SA.
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  15. #315 Oct 20, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2017
    Question for St Louis users...
    How long did it take yours to become loose and slouchy..?
    I love the foldy look that they get but mine (both sizes but PM more than GM) are still ‘new’ looking. I switch bags often and no one bag ever gets much consecutive use (I’ve committed to one bag that reminds me of Halloween for the rest of the month and it’s KILLING MY SOUL (yes, exaggeration). So it’s possible they might take ten years to slouch naturally if I’m only wearing each the equivalent of a week and a half a year ( I stuff when not in use)
    Is there anything you think I can do to hasten the pilgrimage to slouchville? Could I perhaps heat it gently and then squash it up? Should I set something heavy but small in it so it folds in on itself somewhat and then hang it somewhere? Sit on it for an hour?:nuts:

    Thank you for any thoughts on your own experiences!!
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