~*~Goyard Chat Thread~*~

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  1. I thought our new sub forum could use its very own chat thread! :yahoo:

    This is a place for Goyard lovers to talk about ANYTHING!;) Chat is not limited to Goyard bags. (Goyard talk should stick to the related threads for search purposes)

    Chill, Share, Chat, Laugh, etc. Just be sure to be kind, welcoming, respectful and friendly!

    Gab AWAY! :flowers:
  2. I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays! :tender:
  3. Happy Holidays :flowers: It's nice with a Goyard chat too! I guess many are busy today..
  4. Happy Holidays to everyone! I am in Florida on vacation with two of my Goyards!
  5. ^^^I wish I was in Florida, and with Goyard! We just got back from South Florida last Monday...to a blizzard!
  6. That's nice with vacation, I guess it's warmer in FL than NY? It's evening here now.
  7. Thanks for the chat thread, AmourCouture!

    Happy Holidays to everyone!!! I'm back home with 2 of my Goyards as well... my PM stayed at school.
  8. Much warmer! :biggrin:
  9. Hey everyone. Happy, merry..the only Goyard I have is the fabulous little coin/jewelry drawstring pouch in blue. It is so perfect. I am going to move up and get a few more Goyards, I hope, I hope:yahoo:
  10. I just ordered mine ! I will pick it up in about five weeks at the london boutique...

    I've had wonderful service... the boutique was empty and the neighborhood very calm for the worst saturday of the year ! ( saturday before christmas eve)...

    I was hesitating between deep blue and black... took black !
    I have to much blue and nothing black in bags... I needed a classic so I have now the big saint louis with initials only( blue and navy letters) ... didn't like the stripes for my wardrobe...

    I can't wait !!!! Gosh it's horrible...
  11. ^Congrats, mo-djoe! Black is always a classic choice.

    Be sure to post pictures when you pick it up!
  12. Congrats, mo-djoe!!! How exciting!
  13. Happy holidays everyone. :smile:

    mo-djoe, how do you like the London boutique?
  14. Love it ! It's the perfect area... not crowded at all and beautiful....
    The staff was so nice and the boutique very neat and clean...
    You can find Marc Jacobs, MBMJ, Lanvin, Diane Von Furstenberg , Juicy Couture, tailors, nice restaurants steps away , and then you have new bond street near it...
    My trip was perfect , just didn't got the VAT refund at the airport , so stressful...
  15. I'm so glad you liked the store, mo-djoe! One of my friends will be studying abroad in London, and if I study in Italy at the same time then I will have no choice but to visit the boutique when I visit her :sneaky:

    I'm so sorry you didn't get the VAT, though!