Goyard car

  1. Apologies for the poor picture but look at this car I stumbled across in Chicago yesterday. Couldn’t believe my eyes!!
    1D11647F-0255-4D82-8F68-79868968F213.jpeg 5976D1DE-059B-4317-A6E2-AB7531FCE077.jpeg
  2. Wow. I wonder if the person is fan of Goyard? :lol::graucho::giggle:
    Unfortunately, the owner ruined a nice Ferrari with a fake Goyard wrap. :no:
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  3. That’s what I was curious about? Is it a fake wrap? You wouldn’t think someone would do that to such an expensive car!
  4. Otherwise, I would ask the owner which boutique this Ferrari x Goyard collaboration was purchased at. :whut::wtf:
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  5. This is so tacky! :no: Why would you do such a thing? How desperate for attention are you?? :tdown:
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  6. It’s awful. Just awful.
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