GOYARD (boeing, croisiere) VS Louis Vuitton Keepall

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  1. Hello friends

    I'm looking for a good weekender bag to use as a carry on on the airplane. I was looking at three bags, the goyard Boeing and croisiere in black and the louis vuitton keepall in damier graphite.

    I would like some advice on the size and what people think about it? :smile:

    Thanks already
  2. I would definitely go for the Boeing. You see the Keepall everywhere today, it's not very special anymore. Goyard is exclusive and pays great attention to detail.

    I would suggest the 45 size, sizes up are really big! I tried on the 45 size and it was the perfect size for me, for reference; I am 1,85. :smile:

    Good luck deciding!
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  3. The Boeing 45 is a fabulous bag. Very lux. The keepall 45 is a great bag as well. great overnight bag. I have both and reach for my Goyard more. Just not into LV anymore. But each of my daughters and daughter in law have LV and they like them very much. There is quite a price difference. I also have the Goyard 55, but never use it.
  4. I have the keepall and the small and medium boeings. My go to is the Boeing. The small is the perfect carryon. I use the medium Boeing when I travel by car. I don't want to check it. The keepall is nice I simply prefer the design of the Boeing. It seems to expand to fit what I need.
  5. I have a Boeing 55 and keepall 55. They are both great bags, but the Boeing expands more esp., height wise. Also, keep in mind is that the Boeing is not designed to be used with a shoulder strap whereas the Croisiere is.
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  6. What do you mean it is not designed to be used with a shoulder strap? :cool: It does come with one right? Isn't it heavy carrying it around the airport like that?
  7. Thats what I was wondering to, i'm 1,88 myself, and thought a 45 might look more like a purse then an actual travel bag.
  8. The Boeing does not come with a strap. The 45 would be easy enough to carry, but a loaded 55 might be a pain. I don't think the 45 would look like a purse on you at all.
  9. Could you buy an extra strap and add it to the bag? Any recommendations? (doesn't have to be Goyard at all) :P
  10. You can purchase a strap for the Boeing but it hangs funny.
  11. Thanks for the quick advice, i'm going in tomorrow to buy the black on black Boeing 45, will post pictures when the personalizing is done...
  12. I just bought a Keepall 55 for about $300 CAD, but I prefer the boeing. I only got the Keepall because of the price difference.
  13. Yay, super exciting! Can't wait to see it. :smile:
  14. Anything on the Boeing? Interested to see what you decided for!

    I'm going through the same consideration between another keepall in damier graphite or a goyard
  15. Reviving this thread! I'm interested in the Croisiere 45 (color TBD) or the Keepall in either Damier Graphite or Monogram Eclipse. Interested in any feedback on which wears better over time, general thoughts/preferences, and - if anyone happens to know the current US Price... TIA!