goyard bags

  1. which bag do you like the most for your personal use?
  2. Hi hazieee! I personally love both my Croisiere 35 and St. Louis PM! Although, I would also like to add a Fidji hobo to my collection.

    Do you have a Goyard bag?
  3. i love my croisiere but when my st. louis arrives, that would be a new favorite, i'm sure.....i'm eyeing a jeanne now......
  4. St. Martin: Functional, chic, elegant, versatile (can be used for handheld and shoulder) and roomy

    Jeanne MM: Love the dome-shape, looks feminine
  5. I have a card case that I love. :lol: I'm in love with so many Goyard bags I can't choose! Top contenders right now are the Jeanne MM and Saint Louis.
  6. crochet, did you pay the boys a visit? I think I may go today
  7. go P! let us know what you get this time!!!! nov.1st is almost here........
  8. Do you ladies know how much is the price increase?

    Also, do you think Jeanne will sell better than St. Martin?
  9. My favorite Goyard would be my Fidji hobos (white w/white & Black w/tan). They are unstructured, chic (with a bit of a younger vibe) bags and the plus side is that they also have a zip top!
  10. K, they say it's gpong to be about 9-12 % increase on everything......ouch! :sad:
  11. Well, I went to Goyard today and Eli had the day off, so I didn't get anything! I also could NOT decide what color to get in the Fidji hobo :sweatdrop:

  12. keep in mind, P, that they no longer will put stripes on fidjis. am not sure about the monogram. they stopped doing since it's not a structured bag.:sad:
  13. Oh no paz! I completely forgot about that :sad: Maybe I can just do without the stripes and just have my Croisiere painted instead. Now, deciding what color stripes on a yellow bag, is my dilemma!!!

    What color stripes do you gals think would look good? :shame:
  14. P, to remain in your color scheme, maybe do the 2 shades of blue as racing stripes. or something totally opposite the yellow in the color wheel, like say green or orange. something wild and fun! let me know what you think!
  15. Just don't put black stripes on the yellow bag!

    9-12% is quite an increase. I wonder why so much? Anyone know of a site where there are photos of people wearing Goyard bags? I'd like to think about which one to get before my trip to Paris - sometimes I just can't decide when I'm in a store. Is the Jeanne PM a comfortable bag to carry? I metro to work and often also carry a gym bag, but I love the shape of the Jeanne. I was also thinking of the Okinawa tote b/c its more structured. I usually wear shoulder bags and don't actually have anything that I carry by hand except for my evening bags.