Goyard Bags

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  1. Hi,

    anyone here owns a Goyard bag? 'am interested to know more about this brand.
  2. The aesthetic just doesn't do anything for me.
  3. Hi!
    I like the fact that they're very vintage looking and not very well known, but they're really overpriced, especially the coated canvas totes...
  4. I'm actually looking to buy a Croisiere 25. I do think they are overpriced given the fact that they are not leather but coated canvas. I like the fact that you can personalized them. I'm looking at Goyard as an alternative to LV. I guess I'm lucky there is a Goyard store in SF.
  5. They are listed on Barneys wesbite if you are looking. I guess these are really popular in NYC- just not my taste.
  6. not my cup of tea either. looks like a really bag easter basket!
  7. How do you pronounce Goyard? Never heard of it. *Blushes* hehe
  8. I pronounce it like go-yard. Maybe I'm wrong? Like jag said, Barney's and I think Takashimaya carry it. They also have a store in Union Square in SF.
  9. Thanks for telling me. =)
  10. I've never really seen the appeal of these bags. There's a Goyard section at the large Holt's in Toronto, and every time I've gone there it's always empty !

    But I must say, Bryanboy's pictures of his wallet and agenda have really made me appreciate the smaller accessories. I think it may be just a brand that people who know their stuff would understand as outstanding in quality.. as well as price ! Kind of like the Volkswagen Phaeton (the 130K Volkswagen !!!)
  11. There were a couple of posts discussing Goyard a few weeks ago. I know a few people on the forum have Goyard bags, ones that were specially made for them. I think they are great...love the pattern and colors.
  12. Not one of my favorites.
  13. They call Goyard as the Mother of all Monograms -- started a year earlier than LV -- the reason why their bags/stuff are so expensive is because the monograms are handpainted, the canvas are waterproof.

    I agree though, that the design is not as eyecatching as the other designer bags, but I guess depends on the 'eye of the bagholder' ;).

    Pnay71 -- Goyard Croisere 35 was seen being carried by Jessica Simpson recently :smile:...so the brand is going mainstream, it seems :smile:
  14. Yes, handpainted and waterproof but still canvas. :sad: I still want to get one. The last time I went to Barney's, I saw a trunk on display with my initials on it and I've been wanting one (not the trunk) since then.

    I saw that pic of JS and I've tried on the 35. It's much too big even for a big bag lover like me.

    BTW, there was a thread on Goyard back in October. You might want to look it up. A few people talked about their bags.
  15. Ayla,
    I thought of Goyard as blah before. But then, Bryantboy's pics did it for me. I think its growing on me, just the small little stuffs.