Goyard bag reveal

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  1. Yes! I often wear it on my shoulder a lot and it’s not long at all.
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  2. This is why I love TPF for all the reference pics and info on things so you don't feel so alone in your purchases/experience with things some times haha

    Just got my Belvedere 2 in PM in white...had been wanting a white Goyard for awhile after seeing lots of cute white St Louis totes around in LA...ended up doing the limited edition pink in the Artois MM and the Belvedere 2 PM in white...but I noticed an immediate crease as well at the top part of the front single closure strap and didn't think it would show so quickly after the first 1-2 times of opening the bag (I had opened it once at the Goyard BH boutique when I first saw it to order) and then a second time when it arrived to me at my hotel on my trip...not sure if the creasing on the front leather piece shows up more in some colors vs others but I guess it's inevitable as others have mentioned since you need to bend it to get the strap in and out of the metal loop piece...

    I've noticed these "leather crease" marks to happen in other designer bags too...even on my brand new Dior oblique saddle bag pretty much after I got the bag that same day!

    I guess it's just the natural wear of certain types of leather...

    Love your red and good to hear it's durable and held up pretty well even in a light sprinkle of rain here and there ❤️
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  3. [​IMG]
    I'm confused on how to close the bag... can you close it this way ^^ and would that eliminate the crease in the leather?
  4. beautiful bag, thanks for sharing!
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  5. I just brought this same baby home from Paris! I’m a neutral gal, but this red was just too cute to pass up. Loooove!!
  6. Beautiful reveal and beautiful dog!