Goyard bag reveal

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  1. We were in NY and pre ordered this beauty! It arrived a few days ago and I’m happy to share this new bag. It’s the Belvedere 2 in red. IMG_0233.jpg IMG_0248.jpg
  2. Congratulations! Just saw this on Goyard’s IG a few days ago. I was hoping someone would post on it soon. Love the red. Is it the PM or the MM? What is the price for colors?
  3. Congrats! She is a beauty. I love your dog too!
  4. LOVE! Thanks for sharing! I have been waiting for this bag to come to Barney's NYC.

    How much can you fit in it?
  5. Funny coz I was intending to pick up a grey or red Belvedere pm but the SA brought out the Belvedere 2. She said it’s the newest style and it just came out. She didn’t mentioned another size. They only had one at the store and it was an orange. I tried to fall in love with the orange but I just couldn’t lol. I asked if I could preorder in grey. She checked but she said it could take up to 8 months or longer for a grey and it’s not even in their system but a red is scheduled to arrive in 2 weeks. Paid for it and sure enough, she called exactly 2 weeks later and here it is. I bought a wallet for my son and was charged 8.8% tax but I didn’t get charge tax for mines. Mmmmhhh but I was charge I believe the shipping fee of $25. I’m not sure with the color pricing. I paid $2,800 + $25 shipping so total was $2,825. It was delivered via UPS and took 8 days to arrive. It came in a plain brown ups box. No Goyard shopping bag, no Goyard box. It was just wrapped in yellow tissue paper with Goyard sticker, & Goyard dustbag.

    My son’s wallet that we purchased at the store came with usual goodies. Yellow Goyard cloth for wallet, box, tissue, shopping bag & Goyard ribbon.

    I’m not sure if bags comes with boxes!
  6. Thank you! This is the 1st she actually stayed still hahaha! Maybe she sensed not to mess up Mommy’s new bag
  7. Hi! Thanks love! I just measured it. Width 2.7 Height 6.5 Length 8.6. I think it’s the perfect size for me (I’m 5’2”) and I just can’t seem to find the perfect cross body. They’re either too big too small, too heavy too bulky. I can fit my Chanel wallet (filled with credit cards, other cards, cash, coins, kid pics) small lotion, lip balm, lipstick, car key, mints, pack of blotting film, pen, tissue, and my iPhone 8+ with case in back pocket and no bulk added. My daily necessities and it feels light on my shoulder. I can’t do heavy bag as I have shoulder pain issue and this bag is not heavy at all. The only other cross body that I can use for a long period is my LV pochette minus my wallet. IMG_0284.jpg IMG_0279.jpg IMG_0278.jpg
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  8. That a beauty!
  9. Thanks so much for the showing what fits inside!
  10. How has the wear and tear been so far? It’s a gorgeous bag!
  11. Does it feel structured on the sides? Do you think it will keep its shape? I love it!!
  12. Hi, so far so good. I’ve worn it quite a bit and it had gotten rained on a few times (not heavy rain though). Wiped it ASAP. No discoloration. Only damage so far are..1)the glazing on this particular part came off or rubbed off. Couldn’t recall how. I don’t think it’s from the strap from contact. Maybe I accidentally scraped it fr my jewelry or something and 2) the tab that goes in/slides on and off to close it...it’s creased. This part can’t be helped though, it has to bend to insert it through the silver buckle. Otherwise, no scratches at all! Love it still! IMG_1006.jpg IMG_1011.jpg
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  13. Hi! No not at all. I think because of its size (small) I don’t even feel it hitting my side. And yes! It will definitely keep its shape. The base is very structured!
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  14. IMG_1012.jpg
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  15. Does the strap adjust short enough to wear on the shoulder as well? I’m 5’2 also!