Goyard at the Movies

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  1. Being a movie buff, I just thought it might be fun for us to share what Goyards have made it to the silver screen. Lemme start with the 2009's period piece Cheri with Michelle Pfeifer and Rupert Friend. Notice the trunk with MP.

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  2. Cameron Diaz with a white St. Louis PM in "What Happens in Vegas"

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  3. It's not a film, but in the british TV series adaption of Agatha Christie's books Poirot has a Goyard trunk and so do many other of the characters appearing.
  4. What a great thread! I'll keep my eyes peeled in the movies now...
  5. Korean tv series ON AIR shows main character writer SUH with a blue Fidji and a green St. Louis GM.

    Also Philippine tv series Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo shows actress Kris Aquino with a pink Croiserie, black/black and a yellow St. Louis PM tote.
  6. I know in Mad Money, Diane Keton had a Boeing I think that is white. I put this in another thread but I was watching Tabithas Salon Takeover and a customer came in with a St. Louis in black with tan trim.
  7. I was JUST trying to find that pic!

  8. LOL...I remember watching that movie...I think that was the best part of it too....LOL
  9. I remember cringing when she threw it over the fence.
  10. LOL....I remeber that was the first thing that I noticed in the movie too. It was right in the first scene I think and then again at the end.
  11. A Goyard full of money is definitely my dream.
  12. Espically a Trunk!!