goyard at bergdorf

  1. just wanted to let everyone know that bergdorf now carries bergdorf, so if any of you ladies are interested you should stop by there and have a look......i think some of their bags are kinda cute, and i love the idea of all the personalization that you can put into the bags

  2. I wonder how BG swung this? Barneys had a monopoly in the US! Maybe now Barneys only has a monopoly uptown? I bet the buyers are upset!
  3. Thanks for the tip!!! Btw, does anybody know any shops that carry Goyard in Europe (outside France)??
  4. There is only 1 Goyard boutique outside France and that's the boutique in San Francisco that opened last year. I was supposed to go to the opening but I ain't flying all the way from the cesspit of the third world to North America's homosexual heartland for that.

    If I'm not mistaken, Goyard in St. Honore Paris is the only place in EUROPE to get Goyard.

    As for Asia, Harvey Nichols in HK and several department stores in Japan carries them.

    In North America there's San Francisco boutique, Barneys and Bergdorf.
  5. Bryanboy...you're awful, "homosexual heartland" :amazed: :amuse: !
  6. I'm kidding. ;)

    Besides, that hot mayor of yours didn't extend his invitation for me to sleepover so screw it. I thought I was special....
  7. LMAO! :biggrin: Oh you mean Gavin? :worried:
  8. I saw Debra Messing with her Goyard tote personalized with her initials and it looked soooo good. I want the Boeing 45, the trolley, the messenger, and the Comores shopper. hehe all of those would come close to $7,000!
  9. This place is making me want Goyard.
  10. That's one line I'd like to see NOT expand into this country. They're just not the best in design and construction, and the prices are obnoxiously high. When you can make LV look cheap while selling an inferior product, something is seriously wrong.
  11. We have a Goyard boutique at Holts in Toronto. Don't know much about the brand, but the selection there sure has increased lately.
    I don't get it, can you pick your colours or something to personalize them?
  12. you can have your initials painted onto them.....you can also have stripes painted onto them (the big in the photo has both the initials and painted stripes).....and from what i hear you can have pretty much any design you want painted onto the bag (although it'll cost you a pretty penny :Push:smile:
  13. I love Goyard. I just bought one today. LOL! Anyway, their travel bags are so chic. I love them! I have smaller ones in orange and red. I'm actually gonna send this tomorrow so they can personalize it in Paris.

  14. yasmin that's beautiful....i think goyard has a very subtle beauty and i can't wait to see how it looks all customized and painted :love::love: