Goyard Artois MM mod shots

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  1. Hi @smiley13tree! I have the Artois PM, MM, and Longchamp Le Pliage. They're all really useful and gorgeous bags! Artois PM I use on short travels and on weekends if I'm carrying a little more. Artois MM and Pliage I use for work, gym, and I'm traveling farther. Artois MM I like is structured for all my needs and I can see everything I need and I love how compact and organized it keeps everything in. Longchamp Le Pliage is one big black hole for me but sometimes I find it hard to find anything since it's slouchier than the Artois MM. In regards to weight, I think the Artois MM and Le Pliage feels *about* the same, but maybe the Artois MM feels just slightly lighter since the handles aren't as thick as Le Pliage's. I hope this helps! :smile:
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  2. Oh thank you so much! This is helpful to know. Is the Longchamp more comparable in size to the MM or PM?
  3. Actually just checking, the longchamp feels lighter, but when I put my belongings in it does feel a little since the bag sags. In my Goyard's I feel like it feels just a bit lighter since it's compact and doesn't sag (if this makes sense).

    I posted some photos so I hope these help a bit.

    Below is Goyard Artois MM next to Longchamp Pliage.

    Left to right: Artois MM, Pliage, Artois PM.

    Opening of Artois MM and PM.

    Base of Pliage, Artois MM, Artois PM
  4. Thank you so very much!! [emoji7][emoji253] I think I’ve decided on the MM then! Perfect for weekend trips!
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  5. ``
    Thank you for all those pictures, they are very helpful :smile:
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  6. I think it depends on what your needs are. The MM seems perfect for work and travel. The PM seems more suited for more casual weekend wear. I have two longchamp bags (yes lol...bear with me here). The big longchamp I use as a work bag and as everyone says, it’s a big black hole but it fits a lot. The small longchamp I use on the weekends when it’s just my sunglasses, wallet, keys, maybe a swell bottle and my iPhone. There’s room for anything extra but it’s not so big that it seems silly. I loved my small longchamp. It was the perfect size for weekend wear.
  7. Anyhow long story short, I’m getting the PM Artois to replace/upgrade my longchamp.
  8. Hello! Does anyone here use any insert / organizer for their Artois and any recommendations?
  9. Hi lyuen82! Did you purchase the Artois PM - how are you liking it? I typically use a Longchamp medium pliage as my grab and go bag and am considering purchasing the Artois PM for weekend use.
  10. Hi,
    Did you end up purchasing the Artois PM? Could you tell me how the size relates to Longchamp small bag? I am hoping Artois PM is slightly bigger than Longchamp small bag. Artois MM I was told is same size as Neverfull MM and I think NF MM is too big and hoping for bit smaller size.
  11. Can anyone tell me how the PM compares to the Neverfull PM? Pictures would be appreciated. Thanks.
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