Goyard Artois MM mod shots

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  1. Hello! I asked about shipping directly from milan while I was at the store and according to the SA that assisted me, it is not cheaper. With purchasing the Artois you get complimentary basic initial stamping service on the day of purchase or up to three months at any Goyard boutique for a smaller fee. So I was interested in doing this but the SA very kindly told me that it wouldn't be worth doing that since shipping costs to the US would defeat the purpose of purchasing in Europe. So I happily left without getting my initials in the bag that day.
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    I scoured this thread before buying the Artois MM from Goyard NM Chicago. Kind of had to guess at the size. I really wanted a comparison to the LV Neverfull MM, which I consider just about the right size. I didn't order the Artois PM because so many said it was just too small. I went with red, and it arrived today. No box, which is a surprise, since past Goyard purchases came with a box...just a dustbag in a shopping bag. It is lovely, but huge! I will have to get used to the size, as there are no returns or exchanges by mail, and I don't live anywhere near Chicago. For those who still have questions, here is the Artois MM next to the LV Neverfull MM. Just the bottom is so much longer as you can see from one of the photos with the LV bottom shaper base I have inside the Artois MM. Although the Artois does not look a lot larger in the photos, it is more so in person, as the zipper in the Artois keeps it more closed at the top, always showing its full length across, while the LV gaps open. it is also taller. While I really like it, I probably would have preferred the PM. Current price from Goyard US for the Artois MM special colors is $2645+ $25 shipping. No tax for most areas if shipped. The Artois PM in special colors is $2245, Black and tan is $1725. IMG_1956.jpg IMG_1954.jpg IMG_1958.jpg
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  3. Wow! I love the red! I tried on the PM and MM and the PM is really small. It’s definitely smaller than an LV Neverfull MM. You made the right choice in size and color.
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  4. If you're in the US, there are several places you can order within the US.
  5. My Goyard MM did not come with a box either. I have both the PM and the MM and prefer the PM. However, I am able to carry my laptop and large notebook in the MM. Those items will not fit in the PM. I have used the PM almost daily for 2 years and it has held up very well.
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  6. Thanks, I'm glad to hear that. It is so difficult not being able to see them in person, but I kind of think you are right, as the zipper does slightly restrict the opening, and if it were much smaller (as in the PM), the opening might be too small. I am a red person, so all my Goyards (and Hermes!) have been red. I was concerned, but this is a great red!
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  7. Yes, the MM would be perfect to carry a laptop, and mine would fit perfectly, but I don't tend to do that much. Sometimes my iPad Pro, which would fit well, too. There is just NO comparison between the Artois and the St. Louis. Goyard dismisses the St. Louis, saying it was meant to be a beach bag:smile: I hated mine. This has better structure AND straps!
  8. My first purchase was the PM. I have lugged my PM down with things and never worried about the straps. It has held up very well. I also like that the corners are reinforced. I think you will love it!
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  9. Also, for anyone who has had the St. Louis straps crack and paid $250 to get them fixed (me), that is because they have plastic/resin inside the bottom part of the leather strap. The Artois does not, and it seems to be all leather, so should not crack or break.
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  10. US current price is $2645 for special colors Artois MM
  11. I think the reason that the measurements can be confusing is that different people measure in different places. The Artois MM is: L across the top 19" x 11" H x 6.25" W, it is 14.5" L across the bottom. I think most similar bags are only measured across the bottom for length because it is assumed that the bag folds on top to form that same bottom shape. This bag, however, is restricted by the zipper and can't form the shape or measurements of the bottom.
  12. There is no tax charged if you order in the US from a city outside of your own and have it shipped, just a $25 ship fee.
  13. the artois is tricky in that there is a big difference between the pm and the mm. i use my pm a lot in summer and mm for winter and travel and my st louis gm for shopping travel- when who knows how much i will need to fit inside- lol.
    i do love the security of the zipper but miss the attached pouch-oh well 1% problems-
  14. The artois sizes is very tricky. I had read and researched before I visited the store. I had initially decided for MM. but when I tried on, I went for PM. The MM looked HUGE on me. I have attached my PM with LV neverful MM.

    IMG_6592.jpg IMG_6591.jpg

    I have been carrying for a few months and sometimes I wish it had been a bit bigger, but not as big as MM.
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  15. Thanks for the comparison photos - so very helpful! Are the handle drops about the same for the Neverfull and Artois PM? I have several Neverfulls (such workhorses) but have been eyeing an Artois for some time. Seem much sturdier than the St. Louis.