Goyard Artois MM mod shots

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  1. I have a FLP Daily Battle with the zipper - I wanted to use that bag as my computer bag but it just didn't work because the base tapers inward so it would mishape or kind of weird collapse because some of my items would be too wide to sit nicely on the bottom if that makes sense.

    I would love a Daily Battle in the large size in the light sand color... but I would use it for more of a travel tote versus work bag
  2. +1 same here abuse my MM constantly and with little wear to the handles, nothing else out of shape. This is after 6 months constant daily work use with 15in laptop and work crap in it.
  3. The only thing that I really see as to wear on mine is around the "paint" on the leather corners. But considering I put it on the floor, smoosh it under the seat on planes, etc. I am not surprised. But overall the bag looks great and I love it. :smile:
  4. How are the handle corners doing? Any cracking? Thinking these must be made better than the St. Louis.
  5. I just purchased the Artois MM in black/black, on 3/10/18 in Paris. The price was 1325 euros, which seems to have gone up since the original post. Love this bag in this color combination!
  7. I'm also considering a pre-loved. Let me know, please, how you are liking yours?!
  8. Hi! Did you get a VAT refund for it too and how much? I’ll be in Paris next week and am planning on getting the MM black/black or black/tan and use it as a work bag!
  9. I asked for the VAT back on my credit card, so they said it would be 12% (159 euros). I’m still waiting for the VAT refund to show up for all my purchases.
    Good luck with your purchase. Both options are beautiful!
  10. love this on you!
  11. It did go up! I just bought the Artois MM in gray which is a special color and now it's €1725. Looks like I'm getting €207 back in VAT.
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  12. I just got mine in black/tan in Milan. The store is small but service was incredible. Had to wait outside for a few minutes as they offer cery personalized service. It ended up at $1647 (price went up in Euros from last year) and after the $201 VAT refund it will end up at $1446. It is a very structured nice city bag. I ised it every day during my week in Milan. Love it!!
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  13. The price for the Artois MM in black, in Paris, was 1325 euros in March 2018. I figured out that with the VAT and with NYC tax, I saved about $685 buying it in Paris.
  14. Exactly ! Thats what I paid for mine. Great savings!!!
  15. Does anyone know if you can email Goyard to purchase from Paris? Or do you have to actually be in Paris to get a purse from them? I read somewhere you can contact Goyard and order directly from them, and they’ll send it from Paris... of course they’ll charge shipping but still less than buying in the US. I’m not sure if that’s true though.
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