Goyard Artois MM mod shots

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  1. Would love an update on how this bag is holding up. :smile:
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  2. I love your bag!! I’m planning on selling my St. Louis pm in order to get this bag. You think it’s worth it? Are you still loving yours?
  3. What are the dimensions of the MM? I am trying to see if I can fit file folders inside and still zip it.
  4. Fashionphile has it listed at Length: 14.5 in, Width: 16.25 in, Height: 11 in. I tried it on last week at the boutique. It is very roomy. Waiting for mine to come in.
  5. Wow congrats! What color did you get? And did you by chance notice if it’s a lot bigger then the St. Louis PM?
  6. I purchased the black/tan and yes, it is bigger than the PM and smaller than the GM. I also tried on the Artois PM and it was tiny. The MM was very roomy. If possible, I would highly recommend going into a boutique if you can to try it on. The staff at the BH boutique were surprisingly casual. Whatever you wanted to see they would get for you and leave you alone to try on as many times as you wanted. No hovering. I had 4 bags out at one time and the SA would walk away to give me my space. In the end I got what I originally intended on but enjoyed trying on other styles.
  7. May I ask how tall you are? I’m about 5’2 do think the MM would be ok for me? I would love to visit a boutique but I’m pretty far from NYC, so it makes it difficult (plus I have 2 little ones). Also Did you find the Artois to be pretty structured? [emoji4]
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  8. I’m 5’7” and the MM is slightly oversized for me. It is structured compared to the St. Louis. The original thread from joeypanda says she is 5’4 so take a closer look at her pictures.
  9. I purchased a bright blue MM Artois in NYC in April and had the new ribbon painted in pink and white as well as my initials. I received it in July and carried it about once a week for about 3 months. I put it away for the fall and winter, as it is definitely a spring/summer bag. I definitely like the structure vs my St. Louis. It is showing a little wear on the corners, but I'm not nearly as careful with my bags as I should be. I believe with the monogramming and ribbon it was around $3300-$3500.
  10. The price for the Artolis MM in bordeaux is 1680 euros. I just purchased yesterday.
  11. Would you mind posting pictures of your Artois mm ? And do you have the st.louis pm? Do you mind comparing the two (size wise). Thanks so much!
  12. Does it hold up well after loading it with laptop and other heavy work stuff?
  13. Love it. My next bag. I have a green tote and one of my favs!
  14. Wow, I've never seen this model but like the look. I've been interested in getting a FLP Daily Battle when I am in Paris mid year but might have to reconsider. Thanks for the information and photos.
  15. I have a MM Artois in burgundy. I pretty much abuse it. I travel significantly for work and I am constantly putting it under airplane seats, over burdening it with laptop, cords, water bottles, and everything else. My edges have some wear on the corners wear the burgundy dye is losing color - which I am okay with - this is meant to be my work bag and not a fun bag.

    Overall with as much abuse as I am putting it through I actually love it and find it hardwearing. The shape has held beautifully no matter what I do to it.
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