Goyard Artois MM mod shots

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  1. I just picked up the Goyard Artois MM in Paris and realized that there's not much information about this particular size on the internet. I believe it is a new size that was released earlier this year. I wanted a bag for work that would carry my laptop and therefore was worried that the St Louis won't be able to carry such a heavy load. The Artois PM was a bit too small - in real life it looked a lot smaller than the St Louis PM.
    Here are some mod shots of the Artois MM. I'm 5'4" and 116 lbs so it is slightly too big for me but I still think it's the best size given that I'll be using it as a daily work bag. It feels very durable and is much more structured than the St Louis. It also has reinforced leather corners and a zipper on top.
    For your information, the bag was 1290 euros, and I should be receiving a VAT refund of 158 euros, so that works out to be 1132 euros, or roughly $1358.
    Feel free to ask me any other questions!

    FullSizeRender (5).jpg FullSizeRender (4).jpg IMG_8853.JPG IMG_8854.JPG
  2. ohh tats good news! I was in two minds if I should go for the pm size or not but then decided not to as somehow found it a lil small. i am 5.6". Am so glad they have come out with the mm size. always preferred Artois to the st Louis as its more structured n has a zip closure. any idea if they have them in special colours as well?
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  3. I'm pretty sure they did have them in the special colors! I don't understand why the special colors are so much more expensive though...
  4. Beautiful bag, and I don't think it's too big at all. Is the handle drop the same as the GM St. Louis? I tried on the pm size because they none of the MM in stock. I ended up with the new Bellachasse. This will be next on my list.
  5. I'm not sure about the St Louis GM handle drop, but the drop on the Artois MM is 10 inches.
  6. Lovely bag, tried on several of these when I was in Paris earlier in July. I ended up going with a Faure Le Page tote, but I will surely be back soon

  7. I just got the largest size Artois (I am guessing it is the MM) in the burgundy. While in Paris I bought the zipping Daily Battle Faure le Page but it is slightly a little too narrow at the bottom to make it a great work computer bag. The Artois is bigger and doesn;t get weird shaped due to being more square at the bottom.
  8. Absolutely love this!! Does anyone know the price in US??
  9. In San Francisco for the Bordeaux color I paid $2,750.48 after tax.
  10. stunning bag! this just went on top of my bag wishlist...
  11. Ordered mine from the NYC boutique and paid $1950 for the black on black MM, no tax because I live in COnnecticut and there is no store in my area but there was a $25 shipping fee
  12. thanks for the pics. may i ask what is the exact size/dimension of Artois MM?
  13. I cannot find confirmation on price in the USA for the artois mm. This thread is the only one that mentions it.
    So is it $1950 USD for the standard classic colors for the Artois MM before tax?
    If so its 1290 euro - 12% vat of 154.80 comes out to 1135.20 euro which give or take depending on exchange USD price of $1341.58
    depending where you are in the USA some tax rates are a little over 9% some 9.25
    so $1950 + 9.25 tax = 2130.38 saving of $788.80 if you purchase it in paris
    I'll be waiting to go to Paris to purchase it with that savings. I've seen the original smaller PM size and it is just too small and looks tiny if you are a bigger/taller person. Works for petit and smaller women though. The MM looks perfect.
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  14. I just ordered a pre loved one and am looking forward to seeing it!
  15. Congrats bag is lovely and great mod shots. I was torn between black and red as I had also intended to use as work bag too. But went with red in end. Now seeing yours am having. Second thoughts. Waited for MM size for a while too as they had PM only for a while. Seems MM sizes are flying off the shelves the minute they get in store.