Goyard Artois MM - Color??

  1. Hi All, I'm new to TPF but have been on the forums religiously- especially before deciding on a bag.
    **** Looking to purchase my FIRST Goyard this weekend, the Artois MM in NYC. I am torn between Green (leaning towards green most) , Light Blue, Navy, & Red. I figured I go with color since I always play it safe with my other bags and usually get a brown/black.
    Any thoughts, personal experience, reviews on this particular bag are welcome!
  2. I ha
    I went in to purchase a color and walked out with the Black/Black St. Louis. I think I want the Gray or orange but am glad I have the Black/Black. Maybe consider the Black/Brown? For me Black is my go to and when I get anything other than it doesn't get used.
  3. Did you get the pm or gm
  4. Thank you for your input! I have quite a few brown & black bags- ended up going with the special color Green! Super gorgeous in person.. can't wait to get it this week. My very 1st Goyard!
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  5. Believe the Artois comes in a PM or MM, went with the larger size, MM- smaller than the Saint Louis GM
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