goyard anyone...??

  1. hey folks!

    So I´ll fly to paris on the 9th for buisness and OF COURSE shopping...

    I am looking forward to buy 2 goyard bags as I suddenly totally fell in love with them.the history of the bags and the process that is invloved creating the sturdy bags just made me fall in love...

    Now, does anyone of you have any goyards?? any pics to share?

    I am sure that not many people LOVE the brand as much as lv or anything else....but I just love the fact that its not everywhere(yet)

    I want to get this blue bag in this picture in the GM version. it is pretty
    big and holds a lot....a great carry on or buisness bag!


    I am planning on getting it in blue and green, but if the green is sold out, I would take a black one instead:smile:

    also, I plan on getting the blue one custom painzted with straps in white and red maybe...anyone done that??

  2. I guess you'll be the first one in Vienna to carry Goyard around :P (well maybe not, but I've never seen anyone carrying Goyard here) I'll follow up in one month... so I've never seen them in real, my reply might be of no help except for giving you the links to previous Goyard threads


    http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/that-was-fun-now-where-should-i-go-17554.html scroll a bit to see the front of the shop




    well just a few... I'm interested in getting a black Urbain messenger bag, could you look around in the shop to see if they have one in stock? I'm just wondering if I should call them a month before I get there to make sure they have the bag :hrmm: