Goyard anyone?

  1. Does anybody have Goyard items?
  2. Post this in "Handbags & Purses" under "Bags, Bags, Bags" for more replies--this forum is non-handbag topics. I know I've seen threads on Goyard in H&P.
  3. I posted this under general but someone told me to post it here for more replies
    does anybody have any goyard items?
  4. ^yea, that might help get more responses but while i'm here, no, i don't have any Goyard items. I use to pass that store everyday as I walked to and from work when I was living in SF and I must say, they had awesome window displays.
  5. I'll Move this to Handbags.
  6. If you search this subforum, you will find a number of them on goyard.
  7. I LOVE me some Goyard! I've got the Fidji and am saving up for the Jeanne! LOVE IT!

    The website is lame (what can I say, they're French :lol: and don't believe in e-commerce!). If you're looking for a particular kind of bag, the SF Boutique will happily send you photos! You can also find the bags at Barney's NY...but, not on the website (they had some drama...long story!).

    Hope you find one you're looking for!
  8. I replied to your original post! It's here too!
  9. Welcome Hizzle! I have a few Goyard items and love them all!!!

    < ---- Look at my avatar, that is my latest hand painted St. Louis MM =)
  10. I wanted to buy one while we were on our honeymoon in San Francisco, but DH said no. He doesn't care for the prints or colors.
  11. I have the Saint Louis in a GM and really do love it. I have it in the plum color. It looks smart but at the same time is very low key becuase it's basically just a sack! It is big enough to fit over your shoulder as well. I also like the little wallet inside.
  12. I LOVE the Jeanne... I don't have one though someday I hope to change that!
  13. i always want one... but the funds keep getting sidetracked with other things...